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Excess REVO-lution

These days you’d see more and more outtakes on the definitive example of the hottest, most sizzling of hatches. That is as per the manufacturer’s own outtakes. Without taking into account the endlessly indefinite creations in the tuning arena, the seemingly ‘counter culture’ Ubër performance hatch descending from Europe have just about elevated the levels of performance one would expect of a ‘proper’ scalding hot hatchbacks. I mean just a few years ago even a 250-plus horses, 140mph max numbers would be enough for such a ride to be deemed worthy of the hot hatch tag. But now, such figures wouldn’t even pique the right kind of interest.

So moving right along, we have established that nowadays 250-odd ponies is, at the very least, considered as mere prerequisite in the rather feisty and ultra competitive battle of the coveted numero uno of performance hatch. And another established fact is that among the frontrunner in the class is this here Golf R – smacked right across this hallowed pages in absolute high resolution. There is no doubt whatsoever that VW’s distinguished Golf R is one of the benchmarks if not the benchmark performance hatch. But still, despite the near-300 ponies output, for gearheads like the owner of this top-of-the-heap VW, he’d been ever so inclined with the ‘you can never have enough’, as in enough power, axiom. And I guess in that regard, we wholesomely, wholeheartedly concur.


Of course the concurrence itself dwelt upon the fact that nestled at the very heart of the Hypertune ‘entity’ – that not having enough of any relevant bits of a potential ride is our reason of being, the purpose of our hyper bodies. It is all about desire, and the unbridled feeling of being in a perpetual state of discontent. I mean the upper echelon exotics notwithstanding; there exist not a single ride out there where a ride’s every criterion were given a healthy sprucing-up. Even amongst the so-called performance versions, there’d always be some sort of compromise therein; if the performance and handling were indeed hyped-up, then there’d be something ‘lacking’ in terms of comfort. Or if the manufacturer’s thought of everything, as in its go as well as show, even if everything’s well and truly re-worked and re-engineered, then there’s still the one inescapable detail left – that inevitable matter of taste.

And so here we all are then, doing what we do and loving every minute of it. And so does the guy behind this classy Mk7 Golf R apparently. I mean the stuffs that have gone into his pride and joy reads like a post adolescent car fan’s wish list. But they’re not all about mega costly goodies either, they’ve been selected purely based on the owner’s ultimate goal of having his Golf R turned into a mightier, brawnier and speedier ride – qualities that would enable him to cause some ‘upper tier’ rides to start having fits, the first symptomatic indicator of which, is when they start foaming at the mouth.


You’d be hard done by should you even try to imagine how’d a ride, as in a mechanized four-wheel machine with basically a nose, sides and rear end, would look like should it actually did begin ‘foaming in the mouth’. But nonetheless I’m sure you’d get the fundamentals neatly tucked away in your minds right? In any case the underlying theme here is that this svelte VW really does possess more than merely ‘substantial’ amount of oomph to not only worry a GT-R or two; or perhaps even a 911, but what’s ‘up and up’ as per the substance of this Golf R – its sizeable list of modifications is all about sheer class and understated elegance. Every inch of its silky white bodywork emphasizes an unyielding level of potency beneath its aesthetic discretion. Look up your metaphor encyclopedia for the ‘wolfs in a sheep’s clothing’ saying and you’d find this Golf R here coolly idling on its own.

But cool though it is, underneath that hood nestled a red hot forced induction power plant with some pretty impressive hardware. The Golf R’s 2 liter four cylinder turbo has been reworked with: unique cylinder head, new pistons, new exhaust valve hardware, and a larger higher boost turbocharger. The stock figures have been quoted as 280 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque, but in this Golf these are entirely obsolete numbers as it has been transformed with some major power upgrades.

For starters REVO Performance Software Stage 1 is loaded. Those in the know would be aware of the mammoth power increase that this ultra advanced REVO software delivers – upwards of 70 hp and 100-plus Nm of torque increase is not uncommon. The turbo itself remains stock but a Forge Motorsport intercooler is front mounted in place – for that unmistakable ‘eat you up for breakfast’ look and a GoFastBits DV plus installed to complement the up rated boost request pretty much all that is necessary to bring the beast out of the Golf R. Oh did we say that it is also equipped with the new R600 VW Racing intake as well? The R600 intake is the new product from VW Racing, not from Volkswagen Group but nevertheless a very neat cold air intake with proper enclosure to keep the hot air away.


Supplementing the power perks is the beautiful orchestra of a Millteksport Turbo Back Exhaust complete with Cerakote Black Velvet Oval Tips. Millteksport has a long history with VAG cars, 32 years to be precise and consistently putting a smile on VAG enthusiast worldwide. With all these upgrades you’d be sure to add at least ten horses to your first guess as to the requisite performance figures of this Golf. The whole ‘mystery’ as to the actual numbers registered on the dyno for this potent Golf hatch is all hushed up, so you can protest to your heart’s content and still the mystery remains.

Anyway, with the power department taken care of we now dive into the hatch’s equally potent chassis. For starters the stock suspension has been yanked out in favor of a set of height-adjustable KW V1 which as we know is one of the names in suspension; then Unibrace XB was installed to increase the chassis rigidity and also to improve the feel and the handling further. And world-renowned name in ultra mega stopping power Alcon takes over from the stock brakes, with 6-pot calipers 365mm discs Advantage Extreme brakes kit –ultra high performance kit featuring technology derived from Alcon’s involvement in top-level motorsport such as F1 and WRC. The stock wheels and tyres were ditched for OZ Ultraleggera 19 inch and Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35 rubbers.

The entire look is out and out understatement really and few would argue against the merits of this owner’s aesthetical preference. And fewer still would even consider voicing any unremitting comments once they’ve come face to face with this exceedingly fast VW Golf R.

And fast is certainly the word.

Car: VW Golf R

Engine Mods: Revo Performance Software Stage 1, Millteksport Turbo Back Exhaust with Cerakote Black Velvet Oval Tips (TBE), Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler, VW Racing Intake, GoFastBits DV Plus

Transmission: DSG 6 speed gearbox (Stock)

Brakes: Alcon 6 pots 365mm advantage extreme brake kit

Chassis: KW V1 Suspension, Unibrace XB

Wheels & Tyres: Oz Ultraleggera HLT 19” Wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35/19

Interior: P3cars Gauge for MK7R

Exterior: Flow Design Front Splitter

Garage: MYF Motorsport (

Text: Faz_Furiouz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh