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Evolution of Flight

You don’t get too many words of phrases, adulation, awards and accolades by doing things the wrong way, know what I’m saying? This is certainly the case with the likes of highly accomplished and truly certified legends that transcends time itself. Of course we do knows of a number of the likes yes? And one among them is the one and the only Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – the full official ‘designation’ as per the manufacturer’s own.

Should it be so that we count ourselves among the less than enthuse, the slightly less than hardy types that could not get into the most happening joint in town without paying the cover charge, or those who despite being at the wheel of a true performance car drives like they’re out and about on a Sunday drive; then the EVO as in the entire EVO genealogy is hardly a subject of discussion for the dinner table.


To them it makes perfect sense to look at the EVO and not get even the tiniest tingling sensation, not get even a wee bit excited. Then they’d simply dismiss the EVO as ‘just another car’ for them to go get their groceries, maybe transport a box full of ‘ikan kering’ and ‘sayur’, ferry the kids wherever, or whatever purposes or functions deemed important in the grand scheme of things, obviously to each their own.

Be that as it may ferrying food stuffs in your EVO, or any rides for that matter is a big ‘NO-NO’ bordering on the righteous and sacrilegious, even more so the pungent food types with thick aromatic scents that lingers in the air even after that imported air freshener has been pumped up to maximum. Cars which the owner had specifically remade into a performer – with more than its ‘unfair’ share of wholesome engine and chassis mods entwined with aesthetical revisions, is a manifestation of the owner’s ‘mechanical’ personification. Obviously the owner’s self-set rules for his ride as per what’s permissible and what’s not, who’s allowed in and who’s not, are all understandable right?

Thus having outlined the neo-obsessive nature for enthusiasts who’ve appeared in these hallowed hyper pages, we’ve come upon yet another EVO 6 in all its raging and raving splendor, made a mite more spectacular by the dramatic backdrop of an airplane hangar in the suburbs of KL. But as dramatic as the location undoubtedly is this EVO 6 itself indelibly afford itself an incandescent presence all its own, with that striking and cool blue finish, parading its HKS Kansai aero add-ons on top of the VI’s bulging body serenely.


As we all ought to know by now the fabled 4G63T powerplant is indeed the heart of the EVO lineage. In comparison with the V, the VI’s changes mainly focused on cooling and engine durability. It received a larger intercooler, larger oil cooler, and new pistons, along with a titanium-aluminide turbine wheel for the RS model, which was a first in a production car. For this example the internals consists of aftermarket piston and conrods from top tier brands – Wiseco and Eagle. Tomei supplied its hi-lift cams along with valve springs, while the stock turbo received 40mm wastegate from Turbosmart, HKS SSQV4, plus a couple of custom made engine parts.

Additional electronic tweakery for the ECU comes via Mines rechip with monitoring equipment supplied by Defi (boost and oil pressure gauges). The gearbox received twin plate Exedy clutch plus Semi LSD. Now on the EVO 6 the platform was still the CP9A the last adaptation for the trusty Mitsubishi platform before the CT9A enters the fray in the EVO VII. Therein the stock coilovers were replaced by HKS adjustable shocks , with the more than adequate stock Brembo stoppers remained intact.

Inside the trimmings were from the EVO 6.5 TME (Tommi Makinen Edition). The ‘behind the scene’ folks responsible for this uber cool EVO owned by a nice fella who goes by Max Wan, is Max Impact Auto Garage.

Car: Mitsubishi EVO 6

Engine mods: 4G63T OEM block, port & polish, Wiseco 86mm pistons, Eagle rods, Tomei 280 hi-cam with valve springs, Turbosmart 40mm wastegate, HKS SSQV4 blow off, custom banana, stainless steel pipe intercooler , aluminum radiator

Transmission: Semi-LSD EVO 6, Exedy twin-plate clutch

Electronics: ECU EVO 6 Mines re-chip

Suspension: HKS adjustable high low soft hard body shift

Brakes: Brembo EVO VI

Exterior: Kansai body parts, Ganador carbon fiber side mirrors

Interior: EVO 6.5 TME

Garage: Max Impact Auto Garage