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Eclectic Excellence

The power of the internet and the impact it has had on all our lives is something only a select few truly understand. Communicating with a loved one in a far away land is so easy; business deals can be cut and done within a matter of seconds and important, life-and-death documents can be sent to a recipient on the other side of the world with the click of a button. Ultimately, the internet has helped to bring the world closer together and shrink it by a factor of ten all in one swoop.

One thing the internet is filled with (other than smut) is the online discussion board or forum. Online forums have brought like minded enthusiasts of any given thing together and given them a place to let their supreme geekdom shine without fear of persecution from the jocks, cheerleaders and parents. This is also why there seem to be an alarming amount of retards registering themselves on forums everywhere and making stupid posts.

Retards and supreme geekdom aside, the online forum has helped the global car enthusiast community grow to unprecedented heights. Information once known only to a privileged few can now be made common knowledge, giving rise to a new generation of more educated and informed car enthusiasts. Sharing information has never been easier thanks to the online forum and in depth discussions (as deep as a keyboard, a mouse and a screen will allow anyway) can be had with ease.


The internet and the online forum has also resulted in different automotive tuning styles, once exclusive to a given region or country, crossing over into different regions and tuning styles, resulting in something new and unique. For example, the term JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) is one that has been thrown around quite often. To me, JDM follows the Japanese trend of car tuning; function, balance and practicality, using only high quality, tried and tested parts. Once the JDM trend started getting popular, car nuts all around the world with an internet connection lapped it up and loved it so much that they started creating their own take on JDM.

We see the same thing happening here as well, as car enthusiasts begin doing up their cars in the same way that car nuts do in other countries, in an effort to emulate their automotive idols. With the internet, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing different car cultures coming together to create truly unique creations, with one example being this Proton Satria.

This Satria belongs to Allan, a timid but passionate car enthusiast. He’s owned this Satria for a long time and it has been through a lot under his care. More than just his car, this Satria is Allan’s baby and it shows in the love and care that he’s lavished his Satria with.

Allan’s Satria is one of those cars that has been through many transformations and its current one is the best yet. What first attracted me to Allan’s car was that it used to have the whole USDM ‘stanced’ look going on with high offset wheels from Drag which measured 15×8 inches with a +20 offset, but Allan recently swapped those out for the 15 inch Enkei RPF1’s you see here, giving his Satria a meaner, more purposeful and functional look. The overall look of Allan’s Satria may be simple and elegant, but look a little deeper and you might see that the Satria has its own style and can’t be pigeon holed into a specific style. What it is, is an eclectic mix of different car cultures.

Giving Allan’s Satria that distinctive Malaysian touch is the GTi conversion, a modification many Satria owners seem to love, there are also distinct elements of JDM, such as the wheels and I also see some USDM styling elements in this Satria, such as the decals on the windscreen, the spotless interior and the lack of seats in the rear.

But this Satria isn’t all about putting up appearances. Originally a 1.3, the standard single-cam 4G13 was replaced with the coveted 4G92 MIVEC engine. A few simple and effective bolt-on mods, such as a replica Cusco extractor, a 65mm throttle body from an Evo, an intake manifold from the 1.8-litre 4G93 and a Tanabe G-Power muffler, were fitted. Other parts fitted to help the engine with its power output include a pair of Arospeed adjustable cam pulleys, NGK spark plugs and a SARD fuel pressure regulator. Finally, Allan also saw fit to replace the standard clutch with a stronger Exedy item for snappier upshifts.


Handling is another area that has been given some attention with a set of D2 adjustable coilovers, giving Allan’s car the ride height it deserves as well as lightning quick steering response and composure in the turns. Adding some rigidity to the chassis is a set of chassis stiffening bars from C-Tech, which include the front and rear strut tower bars and a C-pillar bar.

Inside, Allan’s Satria takes on a bare bones, minimalist approach, very reminiscent of the JDM scene in America. With the rear seats removed, the interior of this Satria remains functional and takes on a minimalist approach with a Momo steering wheel, a Bride bucket seat for the driver, a Recaro Ergomed seat for the passenger and a Willans harness for the driver.

I’d be hard pressed to find another Satria out there which looks as good as this one. Even just by looking at the mods, one can tell that this is a machine that is as functional and purposeful, as it is nice to look at. This Satria just looks like so much fun to drive and it’s thanks to lessons learned on the internet that this car sits the way it does today.

The internet has served as a source of information and inspiration for many and we as car modification enthusiasts are all the better for it. Tuning and modifying a car is as much a creative process as it is one of engineering and fabrication, and when one has multiple sources of inspiration, the result could be something truly eclectic, unique and special.

Car: Proton Satria

Engine: 4G92, 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC MIVEC

Engine modifications: Replica Cusco extractor, 65mm throttle body, 4G93 intake manifold, Tanabe G-Power muffler, Arospeed adjustable cam pulleys, NGK spark plugs, SARD fuel pressure regulator

Transmission: Exedy clutch

Suspension/Chassis: D2 adjustable coilovers, C-Tech front strut bar, C-Tech rear strut bar, C-Tech C-pillar bar

Brakes: Standard MIVEC

Wheels & Tyres: 15 inch Enkei RPF1 wheels, Yokohama Advan A038 tyres (front), Yokohama Parada Spec 2 (rear)

Interior: Momo steering wheel, Bride bucket seat (driver), Recaro Ergomed seat (passenger), Willans harness

Exterior: Satria GTi conversion, Billion funnel, aftermarket mirrors