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The Drift Cheese

Being a fellow KE70 owner I have the pleasure of calling Mr. Zamil Syaheer my friend, and in fact we’ve known each other since the early days of After all this time, Zamil still continues to have a strong passion towards drifting and it’s been a real treat to watch him grow from a self-sponsored privateer to a household name in the local drift scene with a few back sponsors.

Friends of Zamil will remember his KE70 when it was previously white in colour and wore those very distinctive and rare Australian-made 14-inch Performance Hurricane wheels. And it was loud too! Boy was it loud! It had that unmistakable 4AGE N/A rumble and you could hear him coming from a mile away thanks to the straight pipe exhaust.

All his practice and hard work eventually got him noticed by Sync Optima who picked him up and put him in a legit AE86 for drift shows and taxi rides. And when he’s not drifting and winning at life he can be found in college getting educated. Then one day he became quiet and his car wasn’t seen for a while. I actually didn’t think much about it and thought he was just busy drifting the AE86. Little did I know he was secretly turning his project into a versatile competitive machine which frequently finds itself at drift and gymkhana events.

Now fresh from KLG Auto, it sports a complete visual makeover with custom Rocket Bunny inspired front fender flares, custom FRP front bonnet, and a 2K Evercoat Chrome Yellow paintjob. Zamil aslo received sponsorship from the neat guys at Atara Racing who gave him a set of black 15-inch PISANG wheels to destroy those Kumho Ecsta SPT tyres. Besides that he still rocks the Retrobodykit Type-2 front lip, KE70 RG rear bumpers, and AE86 kouki side mirrors.

As readers of Hypertune many of you would probably like to know about the engine mods, and Zamil has been kind enough to share it with us. The heart has always been a 20-valve 4AGE and that’s what Zamil decided to stick with. Its new setup is a hybrid of a Silvertop block with a Blacktop head along with the addition of a TD05H-16G journal bearing turbo from an Evo 3. Other parts that also came from an Evo 3 include the 550cc injectors and GReddy double layer aluminium radiator.


The addition of a turbocharger required a lot of modifications to the engine and the car could not have been in a better place than KLG Auto. A HKS 4AGE cast iron manifold gave the TD05 a nice place to rest on the motor while it forces air in through a BLOX 6-inch open-pod air filter. A new intake manifold had to be custom fabricated and KLG Auto made one with an integrated 4-stack intake along with a single Nissan SR20 60mm throttle body conversion for easier tuning. The Apexi intercooler is painted black and exposed outside unashamedly for all to see. I won’t elaborate any further at this point, but having ridden in his car you can take my word for it when I say that this KE70 is fast as f***!!!

We move on to the important aspect of a competitive machine – the suspension and brakes. This is where Zamil spends most of his hard earned cash on, starting by reinforcing the chassis with a fully spot-welded engine bay and a host of support bars. The front suspension is an AE86 TRD adjustable kit while the rear sits on AE86 KYB SR absorbers. Drifting is all about maximum angles and to achieve this setup he has installed custom Hyper Angle knuckles, custom AE86 negative RCA, custom steering rack spacers, and custom adjustable caster rods.

Those 15-inch PISANGs don’t just look good, they are actually necessary to fit over the custom Nissan S14 Silvia 4-pot brakes in the front. The rear consists of an even more elaborate setup – an aftermarket single pot brake caliper for the standard brake, and another L200 brake caliper which is activated by the custom hydraulic handbrake setup by the driver seat.

Certain aspects had to be maintained in order to keep this car road-legal, or by the owner’s words, “D1GP Street Legal Spec”. And indeed this road-registered car very much follows the D1SL regulations by running a full interior with air-conditioning. He does balance that out with a stripped out rear, a full bucket seat for himself, a Recaro Enjoy semi-bucket seat for the front passenger, a Sparco FIA 4-point harness, a Nardi Gara Type 0 steering wheel, and all the necessary gauges that he requires.

On its maiden shakedown the car performed flawlessly and took 2nd place at the #battleforcash event in speedcity as well as 6th place during the recent Ultra Racing gymkhana event. It doesn’t stop there as Zamil has future plans to branch out to time attack and track events for a total all-out domination.


Zamil would like to give special thanks to his friends, family, supporters, Atara Racing, KLG Auto, Man Garage, Konichiwa Autoparts Garage, NARAUTO Paint, Evercoat, Decalmeister, Fresh.physics, Kay Parts, AFASK Trading, and Sync Optima.

You can follow Zamil on instagram at @zamilsyaheer and don’t forget to hashtag #cheese, #cheeseblock, and #cheeserolla with photos of his KE70.

Car: 1983 Toyota Corolla KE70

Engine: 4AGE 20V Silvertop block + Blacktop head hybrid, TD05H-16G Evo 3 journal bearing turbo, Evo 3 550cc injectors, KLG Auto custom 4-stack intake manifold, KLG Auto custom coil-on-plug conversion, GReddy 13-row oil cooler kit, GReddy Evo 3 double layer aluminium radiator, Gaido timing belt kit, SARD fuel rail, Turbosmart Supersonic Type 5 BOV, Turbosmart Boost Tee, Nissan SR20 60mm throttle body, Works Engineering fuel regulator, D1 Spec oil catch tank, Simota breather filter, BLOX 6-inch open-pod air filter, HKS 4AGE cast iron manifold, Aftermarket oil filter relocation kit, Aftermarket Japan DTM Mini V twin pipe exhaust, Apexi front mount intercooler

Electronics: Link programmable ECU

Transmission: 5-speed manual gearbox, Man Garage custom axle with 1.5-way LSD

Chassis & Handling:
Front – AE86 TRD adjustable kit, AE86 CUSCO adjustable pillowball, Ultra Racing 2-point front top strut bar, Aftermarket lower crossmember reinforcement bar, custom Hyper Angle knuckles, custom AE86 negative RCA, KLG Auto brake stopper, Man Garage custom steering rack spacers, Man Garage custom adjustable caster rods, fully spot-welded engine bay
Rear – AE86 KYB SR absorber, Ultra Racing rear 19mm anti roll bar, Ultra Racing rear 4-point strut bar, Ultra Racing adjustable room bar
Front – Nissan S14 Silvia 4-pot brakes
Rear – aftermarket single pot brake caliper (for rear brake), L200 brake caliper (for hydraulic handbrake)

Wheels & Tyres: Atara Racing PISANG 15×9 -13 offset, Kumho Ecsta SPT 195/50/15

Interior: Stripped out rear, Japan aftermarket full bucket seat (driver), Recaro Enjoy semi-bucket seat (passenger), Sparco FIA 4-point harness, Man Garage custom L200 brake master cylinder and pump (for hydraulic handbrake setup), KLG Auto custom hydraulic handbrake handlebar, Relocated battery, Nardi Gara Type 0 steering, HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer, OMORI oil press, oil temp, water temp gauge, AUTOGAUGE boost gauge, K&N air-fuel ratio gauge

Exterior: 2K Evercoat Chrome Yellow, custom FRP front bonnet, NARAUTO Custom Rocket Bunny inspired front fenders, Retrobodykit front lip Type-2, KE70 RG rear bumpers, AE86 kouki sidemirrors

Garage: KLG Auto

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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