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Diabolical Threes

There will always be a quest in searching for the right combination of mechanical perfection when dumping a certain amount of resources into a never ending quest for domination, and that question will always be answered when a new engine finds its way into the engine bay, or maybe a new ride altogether.

Nevertheless, that simple question, with the right amount of determination and time spent building bonds and tangling wires together, are what makes this passion much more meaningful. Add that with the sheer satisfaction you get when smoking other rides, both on corners or on the straights, and joining each other for supper afterwards.

Camaraderie in motorsport can only be achieved if a certain amount of respect is developed in the course of developing the vehicle of choice to dominate. Sometimes, it’s the brand. Other times, it’s the people.

Focusing on the latest in boxer technology, or maybe spending on the latest in V-TEC systems, have always made us forget about the other brand that was designed to be subtle yet will still able to dominate when the time comes for it to perform.

The 4AGE 20V engine is still one of the best when it comes to high end torque, with the 16V 4AGE Hasselgren build engine is still one of the best 4AGE around. The 20V or the 16V may be the engine of choice for the SEG fans, but you simply cannot deny the awesomeness of the 4EFTE or the 5EFTE engine found in Toyota Starlets all around, or maybe even a Daihatsu Charade.

Stepping up from that would be the awesome 3S-GE engine, found in the rear wheel driven Toyota Altezza. In its stock form, the car will only get maximum power at almost redline, but that is only because the true potential has not been quite unlocked. The engine is also found in the Toyota Celica 2.0 GT-i and the Caldina GT.

Although rated at 209hp on the official spec, without proper fuel type (some say you need RON100 for its true power), you can’t really wring out the top potential. That’s before you mod it, of course. After some tweaking here and there, you will most likely switch from hunting Evo 3s to Skylines and above, like this RS200 Altezza here.

The engine has received several mechanical magic treatments from ground up, including the lubes and such. Starting with improving the breathing department with M7’s Super Power Flow A3 core filter, customized aluminum heat shield for the open pod filter, customized air intake piping with customized aluminum air diversion plate, engine response is improved quite nicely.
Adjustable Works Engineering fuel pressure regulator is used together with an Aisin high capacity fuel pump which work wonders on the high cam lifting on the 3S.

TRD silicone radiator hoses replace the stock hose to allow more pressure, showing the cooling system around from the Forged Racing aluminum radiator, with water expansion tank provided by Works Engineering.

An M7 Competition Type R Oil Cooler Kit is used to cool down the system a little more, just so the transmission will not overheat during intense driving. Taking out the trash while providing awesome response would be the sexy HKS 4-2-1 racing extractor. Cusco oil catch tank is also used to reduce oil vapour.

Engine operating parameters is controlled by the Apexi Power FC, with its handheld controller located right beside the steering wheel for easier customization. A Pivot Raizing Voltage Stabilizer is also used to balance out the voltage running around the car.

The transmission is kept to the six-speed manual gearbox but with a Toda Racing Super Lightweight Flywheel for further weight decrement and response. A 4.778 final gear set is installed to make the maximum top speed achievable while squeezing more response from the transmission.

Moving on to the handling section, the RS200 was fitted with a hefty amount of stuff to ensure proper rigidity and flexibility is achievable. Starting with KYB Adjustable Race Absorbers and D2 Race Springs are used for the circuit, while Tein HA Adjustable Suspension is used for street driving. The reason for this tedious substitution would be the glorious potholes and bumps on the roads, thus making the circuit-sped suspension setup too rigid for the street.

A Riyoz Racing Magic Collar is used to give more rigidity, along with a number of bars. CTech Two-Point front strut bar, two-point room bar, two-point rear bar, chassis tuners three-point front lower arm bar and rear 19mm anti-roll bar are used for stiffening process, along with SuperPro Polyurethane bushings and TRD rear differential mount cushion bushings. The rigidity of this car is enough to ensure perfect cornering experience, add that to the rear wheel driven setup, this is a car made to dominate on corners.

Corners can’t be tackled properly without the use of proper braking system. TRD 4-pot front brake calipers are used together with Dixcel 323mm slotted front brake rotors and WinmaxZCas 400c pads. The rear rotors are replaced with DBA slotted series rotors, together with Endless Super Street Y-Sports 400c pads. All hoses are steel braided, with TRD set for the front and Pro-RS for the rear.

Enkei NT03 Spider 17-inch rims are used to cover up them brakes, with nice 7JJ for the front and 8JJ for the rear for that extra grip squeezed from the succulent Toyo Proxes R1R tyres. The tyres used are perfect for both rain and dry, counting in the radical thread design and crisscross V-type grooves.

Moving into the cockpit, Blitz Racing black light meters are used to monitor water and oil temperature. Pivot Speed Meter-V is used to eliminate speedcut and accurate speed monitoring, with Pivot super shift lamp providing an indication for gear change. GReddy turbo timer is used to give the engine some indulgence, with TRD gear knob soothing the hand of the driver while battling down the tarmac.

Recaro Millennium bucket seats are used to maintain the driver’s body, while Panasonic 7-inch head unit connected to Sony Xplod speakers entertains the occupant above the sound of engine revving and muffler blazing.

A complete TRD Altezza body kit is installed together with a GT wing for downforce. Fiberglass lightweight front splitters from SP Auto Tuning are also installed.

The Altezza is sponsored by SP Auto Tuning, Riyoz Racing, Lucas Oil, Forged Racing, and CTech Chassis Tuners, a guaranteed mixture for pure adrenaline domination and tarmac scorching. Who says Toyotas are for uncles, then?

Car: Toyota Altezza RS200 3S-GE
Engine Mods: Forged Racing Aluminium radiator, M7 Competition Type R Oil Cooler Kit, M7 Super Street GT Muffler Titanium Tip, M7 Super Power Flow A3 Core Filter, custom aluminium heat shield for open pod filter, custom air intake pipe, custom aluminium air diversion plate, HKS 4-2-1 racing extractor, TRD silicone radiator hoses, Cusco oil catch tank, Works Engineering adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Works Engineering water expansion tank, Aisin high-capacity fuel pump
Electronics: Apexi Power FC, PivotRaizin Voltage Stabilizer
Transmission: Toda Racing Super Lightweight Flywheel, 4.778 Final Gear Set
Chassis & Handling: Riyoz Racing Magic Collar, KYB Adjustable Race Absorbers/D2 Race Springs (circuit use), Tein HA Adjustable Suspension (street use), SuperPro Polyurethane Bushings, TRD Rear Differential Mount Cushion Bushings, CTech Two-Point Front Strut Bar, CTech Two-Point Room Bar, CTech Two-Point Rear Bar, CTech Chassis Tuners Three-Point Front Lower Arm Bar, CTech Rear Anti-Roll Bar 19mm
Brakes: TRD Four-Pot Front Brake Calipers, TRD Front Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit, Dixcel 323mm Slotted Front Brake Rotors, WinmaxZCas 400C Front Brake Pads, DBA Slotted Series Rear Brake Rotors, PRO-RS Rear Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit, Endless Super Street Y-Sports 400C Rear Brake Pads
Wheels & Tyres: Enkei NT03 Spider 7jj +33 offset (front), 8jj +35 offset (rear), Toyo Proxes R1R 225/45/ZR17 tyres
Interior: Apexi Power FC Commander, Blitz Racing Black Light Meters (oil temp & water temp), Pivot Speed Meter-V, Pivot Super Shift Lamp, TRD gear knob, GReddy Turbo Timer
Recaro Millennium bucket seats, Panasonic seven-inch head unit, Sony Xplod speakers
Exterior: TRD body kit, GT wing, fiberglass front splitters from SP Auto Tuning
Sponsors: SP Auto Tuning, Riyoz Racing, Lucas Oil, Forged Racing, CTech Chassis Tuners

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