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Isn’t it great when you can have the best of both worlds? Or perhaps a blend of two or three when for you simply can’t decide and want something out of the norm.

It’s a concept that applies to almost everything. A combination of sorts, and when done right always leads to a great idea. But while it’s easy to get carried away, it sometimes is a good thing not to overdo it.

Although a good thing, I’ve never given this concept much thought. Most times it’s become a part of my subconscious. What my eyes see, my brain processes as it is. I’ve never bothered asking why.

However, I began pondering this subject when I laid eyes on our featured Putra. Its title alone left me in bewilderment and took me some time to digest. But then I realized, sometimes it’s not just a combination of sorts for distinctiveness. It’s rather a combination of things that an individual fancies.

Take for example the ‘Kazama Autoworks Wide Putra EvoSkyline’. Its name alone says it all and it doesn’t take much for one to gather that the exterior has been custom crafted with a wide-body aero kit from Kazama Autoworks. But of course, that’s only half the name. Accordingly the car is also fitted with a Kazama Autoworks custom Blitz Evo front bumper and matching Evo Type-1 hood, while the rear takes shape with a Nismo rear bumper and custom rear lamps.

The overall is then complemented with side skirts, aero mirrors, and a custom wing, then painted over in a coat of immaculate white. Creative custom decals from Kazama Autoworks are plastered onto the car for its finishing touches. And if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, a set of Minimax blinking strobes surely will.

HKS Hiper Max Pro suspension on all fours, the arches sit flush to the 17” wheels that’s wrapped in Falken Azenis ST115 rubbers. For maximum traction and performance from the tires, a set of D-Max tie rods, rear camber arms and rear toe rods are installed for more precise wheel adjustments. The chassis is also reinforced with fender bars, undercarriage side bars, a front lower bar and a front as well as rear anti-roll bar from Ultra Racing.

It may seem as overkill at first, but the chassis upgrade is duly necessary. Under the hood, the Putra has been transplanted with a 2-liter 4G63 turbocharged engine. Not wanting to overlook the most important part of a car, the engine was modified and later fine-tuned with Unichip.

Beginning with low compression pistons, the engine block was fully balanced and prepped to cope with the increase in power. Modifications to the cylinder head began with a port and polish job, followed by a pair of Piper Racing camshafts. As a precautionary measure against belt failures, a Power Enterprise kevlar timing belt is used with the adjustable cam pulleys from Aerospeed.

Ignited by HKS Super Fire plugs, the engine’s volatile diet is supplied in two parts. First, the turbine draws air from a HKS filter, and cools as well as channels the compressed charged to the intake manifold through custom pipes and intercooler. Following which, 850cc injectors from Power Enterprise squirt their load as the valves open. Working in the background to ensure sufficient spark and fuel, a set of Aerospeed racing plug cables and a Walbro 255l/ph fuel pump are installed.

A custom stainless exhaust manifold from Kazama Autoworks then guides the exhaust gasses out from the engine. Through a Topspeed front and down pipe, these gasses then travel towards an Aerospeed carbon muffler.

To enforce a ‘strong-bite’ where it matters the most, the transmission and braking system received minor but necessary upgrades. The original clutch system that was deemed too weak to hold the additional power was replaced with a Triniti clutch kit. As for the braking system, it was upgraded with 4-pot Nissan calipers in front and Endless pads all round.

Finally, the car is tidied up on the interior and among others, now sports zebra fur as a theme.

Now that we’re done, pick up this magazine and speedily make your way to the nearest mamak. Order a drink. Have a cham-cham ice on me. You certainly earned it if you read this far. Cheers!

Car – Kazama Autoworks Wide Putra EvoSkyline
Engine – 4G63T (VR4)
Engine Mods – Piper racing cams, low compression pistons, Aerospeed racing cam gear, HKS Super Fire racing spark plug, HKS Super Power Flow filter, Aerospeed racing ignition plug cable, Power Enterprise 850cc injector, Walbro 255 l/ph fuel pump, Power Enterprise Mag Power II oil filter, Power Enterprise kevlar power timing belt, custom intercooler, custom piping kit, silicone hoses, Kazama custom stainless steel exhaust manifold, Topspeed custom exhaust front pipe + down pipe, limited edition Aerospeed carbon muffler, port & polish, engine balancing, Aerospeed engine pulley kit, D-Max aluminum larger capacity oil pan, D-Max magnetic oil drain plug, Redline racing engine oil, Redline complete fuel system cleaner, Redline WaterWetter coolant, HKS Add-I (Active Direct Drug), Kazama Autoworks engine head cover airbrush job
Electronics – Unichip
Transmission – Triniti clutch cover, Triniti clutch pads
Brakes – Nissan 4-pot calipers in front, Endless brake pads (front and rear)
Suspension & Chassis – HKS Hiper Max Pro Absorber, Pedders suspension fitting, D-Max tie rod, D-Max rear camber arm, D-Max rear toe rod, D-Max rear lower arm, Ultra Racing fender bar, Ultra Racing side bar, Ultra Racing front lower bar, Ultra Racing front & rear anti-roll bar
Wheels & Tires – 17 inch alloy wheels, 215/45/17 Falken Azenis ST115, Aerospeed lugs
Interior Mod – Recaro semi bucket seats, Auto Gauge oil pressure + oil temperature + water temperature gauges, deep dish steering wheel, Kazama interior wrap (zebra fur)
Exterior Mod – Custom wide aero kit by Kazama Autoworks (100% Japan PUF material), Kazama Autoworks replica PUF custom Evo Blitz front bumper, Kazama Autoworks Voltex side skirt, Kazama Autoworks Nismo rear bumper, Kazama Autoworks Evo Type-1 custom front bonnet, Kazama custom Ganador aero side mirror, Kazama Autoworks custom Subaru GC spoiler (prototype), Kazama Autoworks custom Skyline rear lamp, Kazama Autoworks custom creative decal works, Kazama Autoworks paint job, Minimax universal blinking strobe light
Sponsors – Cybertech Enterprise (Redline), Automotive Friction Parts (Triniti Clutch), Beez Garage Tyres & Services, D-Max Japan, Ultra Racing, Viswork Autolab (Unichip), Top Speed performance exhaust
Modifications done by – Kazama Autoworks, Tel: 07-388 6073 / 012-750 3033 (Barry), Email:, Website:

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