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Bulletproof Bomber

Inexplicably to the fairer sex but nonetheless understandably too, men have been equating cars to women since the time of hot rods. It is beyond doubt a male thing for the reason that you will never find a woman utter the sentence “This guy I’m dating is just like my pair of Manolo’s, he’s got such a pure classical style to him.” On the other hand, it has become par for the course for a male to equate his recent shag to a car, “Well you know she’s quite skinny and petite so it was like making love to a Lotus Elise, very maneuverable under the sheets and a damn good ride.”

Similarly, just as the characteristics of the car you own will mature with age as the clock ticks, so will the type of woman you date. In the midst of your twenties, we all crave power and handling but lack the monetary funds for an exotic, hence some of Japan’s finest but more affordable sports cars make up the majority of our driving diet.

Keeping it stock would be sacrilegious too because let’s face it, everybody wants their ride to stand out, just like their women. Unsurprisingly, the unapologetic ego of a male gets the same degree of satisfaction from knowing that other guys are checking out his ride as compared to his other ‘ride.’

These cars are almost always harsh, loud, crazy powerful and quite the handful to handle, perfect for some hard driving but not quite the car for the daily grind. The same can be said for the women the men date during this period of time, they would be all of the above with the exception of powerful, which just leaves them crazy. And for some reason, the men love it, probably because the women are firecrackers in bed.

However, as black turns to grey and ultimately white, we find ourselves wanting cars that are a little more sedate, comfortable, stable and ultimately, reliable. At this point in time, we find ourselves lusting after women with the same characteristics as well, those quite homely types that still know how to have a little fun without going overboard.

So that brings us to the Mitsubishi Evo 7 we have here. They call this denial, because it is attempting to have the best of both worlds. But if you were going to slip into the deep abyss of denial, this is also how you do it properly. Four doors for more whores, an over-engineered and under-tuned mill for reliability and four-wheel drive for stability, this is denial done right.

To cope with the grueling track flogging it receives, the engine has been beefed up with oversized 87mm titanium-coated pistons, the block was blueprinted, the internals balanced and ACL Black bearings were used for longevity. The head received some substantial upgrades in the form of a port & polish job, HKS 272-degrees cams, HKS valve springs and titanium retainers while being bolted to the block by ARP head studs with a 1.5mm Cometic metal head gasket sandwiched in between. A pair of HKS cam pulleys and a Power Enterprise timing belt complete the head work.

Providing boost is a GReddy T-78 T04R 25G turbocharger bolted to a custom Tonnka exhaust manifold with a 60mm wastegate opening for the monstrous Turbosmart PowerGate 60 unit. This piece was custom made by Tonnka and took some convincing as it was no easy feat to fit a 60mm wastegate flange on the manifold.

Fueling is handled by quartet of 1,000cc FIC injectors lined on a Sard fuel rail and fed by a pair of Walbro 255l fuel pumps and regulated by Sard’s finest yet again. Other ancillaries include a Works Engineering manual boost controller, HKS intercooler, Blitz air intake, Turbosmart blow-off valve, Ralliart spark plugs, Blitz LM radiator, FGK exhaust piping with ceramic coating, upgraded oil pump, Tomei oil thermostat, Ralliart water thermostat and a relocated battery to the trunk running BMW M3 cables for stable voltage.

On the electronics side, a simple ECU reflash keeps the stock ECU on par with the upgrades and able to govern all the parameters safely to prevent some unwanted physical altercations inside the engine. An OS Giken twin plate clutch set connects the engine to the transmission and a Japan JDM Robot short shifter reduces the throw for quicker shifts.

Keeping the car planted on corners is a set of Tein Super Racing coilovers that are constructed from aluminium and supposedly for track use only. A Cusco anti-roll bar at both ends complements a firmer PU bushings for the front lower arm for a solid ride.

Bringing all that mass to a halt is a pair of K Sport Big eight-pot clampers up front on 356mm rotors while the stock Brembo twin pots work with Endless pads at the aft. Steel breaided brake hoses complete the braking package.

Keeping the car in contact with terra firma are Westlake performance tyres measuring 265/35ZR18 all-around wrapped on Rays Engineering CE28N wheels measuring a whopping 18×9.5jj.

Aiding the driver in navigating the roads ahead are a Sabelt 4-point racing harness, Razo gear knob, Ralliart carbon fiber interior trim and an Evo 8 meter cluster. Vital engine conditions are relayed to the driver via a Blitz speed meter, and an Apexi EL boost gauge.

Finally we arrive at the exterior of the car. On first glance, it seems rather docile but spare a few moments to slowly look over the body and you’ll start to notice details like the wider rear fender panels that were smoothed out with the body and not riveted on. The exterior consists of a Yaris carbon fiber hood, Yaris front diffuser and splitter, Voltex front fenders, Voltex side skirts, Voltex rear fenders, Cusco GT wing, Yaris rear diffuser and a Ralliart carbon fiber exhaust cover.

With such an extensive list of parts under the hood, you would be expecting crazy amounts of power but the final figure on this build stands at a modest 416.66whp at 1.8-bars. It seems a little low for such a build but remember that this thing can take heaps more power so running it under-tuned ensures OEM like reliability for years to come. And lest you forget that over 400whp is still quite a staggering figure.

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7
Engine Mods: Oversized 87mm titanium-coated pistons, upgraded oil pump and blueprinted engine block by Ah Wah Workshop, ARP head studs, 1.5mm Cometic metal head gasket, ACL Black bearings, fully-balanced internals by Ozly E.Balance, Tomei oil thermostat, Ralliart water thermostat, ported & polished head, HKS 272 camshafts, HKS valve springs, titanium retainers, HKS cam pulleys, Power Enterprise timing belt, GReddy T-78 T04R 25G turbocharger, Works Engineering manual boost controller, custom Tonnka exhaust manifold, 60mm Turbosmart PowerGate 60 wastegate, HKS intercooler + 3-inch piping, Blitz air filter, Turbosmart Supersonic blow-off valve, Sard fuel rail, twin Walbro 255l fuel pumps, Sard fuel pressure regulator, 1000cc FIC injectors, Ralliart spark plugs, Blitz LM Racing radiator + blue coating powder, FGK exhaust piping + ceramic coated, relocated battery to trunk + BMW M3 cables to ensure stable voltage
Electronics: ECU reflash
Transmission: OS Giken twin plate clutch set, Japan JDM Robot short shifter
Chassis & Handling: Tein Super Racing (fully aluminium coilovers for track use only), Cusco anti-roll bar (front & rear), PU bushings for front lower arm
Brakes: K Sport Big eight-pot calipers + 356mm rotors (front), stock Brembo twin-pot + Endless brake pads (rear), steel braided brake hoses
Wheels & Tyres: Rays Engineering CE28N 18×9.5jj +25, 1-inch spacer all around, Westlake performance tyres 265/35ZR18
Interior: Ralliart interior carbon fiber dash panel + window switch, Razo gear knob, Sabelt 4-point racing harness, Evo 8 meter cluster, Blitz speed meter, Apexi EL boost gauge, Apexi turbo timer, Eclipse head unit, double-DIN head unit + reverse camera
Exterior: Yaris carbon fiber bonnet, Yaris front diffuser + splitter, Voltex front fender, Voltex side skirt, Voltex rear fender, Cusco GT wing, Yaris rear diffuser, Ralliart carbon fiber exhaust cover
Power: 416.66whp @ 1.8bar
Garage: Weng Hwa Auto Service (Ah Wah), Ace Suspension, Westlake tyres, Tong Turbo, E-balance, Ah Man Tyre (Balakong), Tonkka, ECU flash by AC Motorsport

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