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Brace-d for Impact!

Power isn’t everything, if I got a dollar for every single time I had somebody tell me that I just might be winding up the window of my own Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R or even a voluptuous Toyota Supra to their hypocritical words.

You see, that statement has been said so many times over and over again but yet we still find ourselves flipping through the pages of this magazine trying to crank out ideas on how to breed a little more thoroughbreds in the stable of ponies under our hood.

But what’s the alternative to relinquishing the horsepower wars you might wonder? Well for starters, you could climb aboard the handling express. Speaking from experience, I can safely say that without a doubt it’s more fun to flog an underpowered but well-handling ride around then to tick the ‘outrageous power’ option and leave the ‘handling’ box unchecked.

That being said, there are a few that don’t worship the horsepower gods but instead choose to pray at the feet of the handling deities. The Volkswagen Scirocco featured here definitely qualifies in that respect. The entire chassis has been significantly tightened up with a host of products from the new Ultra stabilizer line of products. In fact, this is the very first Scirocco in the country to be fitted with the Ultra Stabilizer package.

Digging deep into its trench of experience, Ultra has placed all its know-how into designing and producing the Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V Aluminium line of chassis braces. Although the braces function similarly to other chassis braces by reducing body flex, hence improving steering response as well, what sets it apart from the others are the lightweight aluminium materials used as well as the quality finishing.

The bars itself are made from 50mm thick aluminium while the mounting brackets, carved from 4mm thick steel, is detachable. All the nuts and screws used to bolt everything in place are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion from laying claim to these works of art. As a finishing touch, the bars are anodized in shade of purple to keep them looking sharp.

Making up the Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V package on this relatively stock Scirocco is a two-point Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V front strut bar while a four-point Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V front lower arm bar keeps things tight beneath the chassis.

A two-point Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V center lower arm bar takes on some of the responsibilities in the cabin while the package is completed with a four-point Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V rear lower arm bar.

Apart from the Ultra handling package, the owner decided to upgrade the suspension as well with some of Eibach’s finest now connecting the wheel hubs to the strut towers. Apart from that, this Scirocco is as it came from the factory floor. The engine has been left untouched, having been deemed sufficient in terms of power. Even the brakes were left unmolested.

On the exterior, a complete Reiger bodykit adds some sense of ferocity to an already menacing-looking machine. Filling the four corners are 19-inch Racingtek RF01 wheels that have been painted in a satin black finish with the center of the spokes given a lick of white to make it stand out. Quality rubbers always help in avoiding sticky situations, not just on cars mind you, but here the choice of tyres are 235/35 ZR19 rubbers from Nitto.

Even with a powertrain package that is completely stock, the stiffening of the chassis by the Ultra Stabilizer Spec-V braces, coupled with the Eibach suspension, should have tightened up the handling more than enough to allow the owner to loosen up a little and let this Scirocco run wild on the roads.

Car: Scirocco TSI
Engine: 2.0 TSI Turbocharged
Exterior: Reiger kit
Engine mods and component upgrades: Stock
Exhaust: Quad Catback
Transmission: 6-speed DSG gearbox
Suspension: Eibach + Ultra Stabilizer Spec V Aluminum Bars
Brakes: Stock
Rims & Tyres: Racingtek RF01 & Nitto 235/35ZR-19
Tuner’s Garage: Terminal One Motorsports, Sungai Buloh / TMK II Tyre & Auto Service, Rawang

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