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Boosted Hatchback

Being a die-hard Honda fanatic Ifan sold off his Jazz for the new and improved CR-Z as a wedding gift for his beloved wife. Initially he had no intention of doing any heavy modifications as per the CR-Z’s performance and handling, apart from the ‘usual’ exterior mods and wheels. But eventually after some rather interesting sojourn in the funky CR-Z, Ifan decided that something had to be done to compensate for the lack of grunt he’s been feeling.

He’d quipped, “the Honda CR-Z is a very fun daily city driven car; but once it hits the highway, it feels underpowered”, this is due to its integrated motor system (IMA). The integrated motor assist is a system that combines two functions with an electric motor that starts the engine, accelerates the car, recharges the battery and provides regenerative braking power. The integrated motor system only charges when the brake pedal is stepped on. During long distance drives, the brake is rarely used hence preventing the integrated motor system battery to be charged and causing under power once the integrated motor systems battery dies off.


After doing some research, on ways to overcome CR-Z IMA problems, he decided upon a Garrett GT 2052 turbo paired with HKS Super SQV IV blow off valve, and with these two goodies in mind he began his search for a worthy workshop that would attend to his extravaganza project, but sadly many of them decline due to his particular CR-Z’s year of production. The 2013 model CR-Z didn’t come with a HONDATA management and most of workshops are worried that the tuning would not be ideal.

Eventually though, the speed merchants of Speedworks came to Ifan’s rescue, accepting his project and had it completed in a jiffy 2 weeks. Speedworks tech crew figured since there wasn’t any HONDATA management available, the best solution was a piggyback GReddy e-Manage ultimate. The Greddy e-manage Ultimate is as close to a stand-alone management system as you can get while maintaining the best features of a “piggy-back” engine management with the use of existing sensors and the convenience of easily altered factory settings, without having to tune from scratch.


There after Ifan experienced some jerking at high speeds on account of the excess power. He’d then consulted Thomas from GT-Auto Sunway and was advised to adopt the old school method of using four stock injectors plus a bigger fifth (545c) injector, instead of four big injectors altogether, since the GReddy e-Manage Ultimate was unable to control 4 big injectors efficiently. By using this method, the stock ECU controls the injector response during normal relax drives while the e-Manage Ultimate ECU will only play its role during sportier drives.


Voila! GT-Auto was spot-on, after using the method suggested by Thomas, Ifan’s car was as smooth as a factory tuned turbo vehicle. While re-tuning was done by GT-Auto, his CR-Z managed to an impressive 170WHP, 216Nm with only 0.42 bars. For extra stability of Ifan’s boosted CR-Z in came Ultra Racing’s 2 point front strut bar, 4 point front lower bar, and sidebars plus Summit Racing anti-roll bar. Suspension’s are adjustable Buddy Club’s kit, and the stock brakes came off in favor of Zerone 4 pot 330mm brake kit for the front and VTTR oversized racing 303mm rotor for the rear.

Also Ifan’s CR-Z have been going strong for 5 months without any issue arising from the add on turbo and he intends to do more upgrades for the future, perhaps a 2.2 inch full piping for better engine response. By the way, the 2013 CR-Z had an additional S+ button, which when triggered this button will give CR-Z owners an electric motor boost for about 10 seconds. Honda claimed that it gives the driver the force same as 3.0 Liter engine.


Lastly, Ifan’s funky CR-Z is sports a full Mugen RR bodykit accompanied by a set of lovely ENKEI RP01. All in all a truly exemplary build for the CR-Z.

Garrett GT20 turbo
-K&N Open pod
-4 stock injectors + 545cc 5th Injector
-HKS Super SQV IV Blow Off Valve
-Forged Racing Radiator
-Greddy Oil Cooler

-Zerone 4 pot 330mm Brake kit (Front)
-VTTR Oversized Racing 303mm Rotor (Rear)
-Adjustable Buddy Club BR Suspension
-ULTRA RACING Front Strut bar (2pt)
-ULTRA RACING Front Lower bar (4pt)

-Greddy e-manage Ultimate
-Defi Racer Boost meter
-Shadow Oil Temp Meter
-Shadow Water Temp Meter

-2.0 Inch piping by Yew Exhaust
-J’S Racing muffler

Pioneer AVH-X8650BT Mirrorlink
-MB QUART Subwoofer
-Front & Rear Camera

Text & Photos: Praveent