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Blue-rred Vision

In a rather typical ‘spin’ of affection – that utter uninhibited fondness that resides and inevitably grows under its own momentum, we have here the evergreen, ever lovable and ever capable VW hatch. The all-pervading seemingly omnipotent Golf, shall reign even after having to go through numerous would-be detractors, seriously capable sizzlers which had indeed outperform the Golf (by virtue of ‘surplus endowment’ it has to be said), the Volkswagen Golf still stands, bristling with panache and bucket-loads of substance.


It begs the question why exactly the benchmark hot hatch from Wolfsburg have not lost even one iota of respect throughout the years and decades of its existence, even after being challenged and out-accelerated and out-sped by its European counterparts? And also why the ultra potent performance hatches bearing the Ford (Focus), Renault (the Megane and Clio) plus some latecomers from VW’s fellow German marques, have tried and (arguably) failed to overthrow the Golf off the hot-slash-performance hatch summit. Well perhaps the following statement would put the issue to bed or to rest or to wherever or whatever state of matter morph into whence it’s been over and done with once and for all.


This was quoted to me by a friend who owns and drives a Hartge M6, Audi R8, Ferrari F430 among others. He’d quipped, “Though I’ve been driving and having my fair share of grin-inducing fun on these megabucks exotics, I’d still get the most pleasure from driving my Golf GTi”. And he’d relayed these telling words without a trace of irony, or cynicism. Okay now think about that for a moment; I mean I have heard and read of wondrous tales of the GTi’s surefootedness and its confident, well-planted handling dashing and darting through the Valley’s most famous back roads. And I myself have my share of thrills on the wheel of a 2007 GTi going up north, but to hear this honest to goodness endorsement from an honest to goodness car enthusiast, does tend to nail the point home.


Alright then we’ve established the VW Golf’s (in its many, many guises over the years remember?) stature as a brilliant hatch in its own right (meaning stock) and mighty mod-worthy platform. This is in no way an excuse for us to bring forth successive features on the Golf. Rather, it is a solid justification. Right here in this case we’ve got an especially exceptional (try saying that three times real fast yeah?) Volkswagen Golf in its fifth reiteration juiced up a whole lot further with the accompaniment of the lovingly ‘marketable’ Marketa.

This MkV GTi had some performance ‘sweetener’ thrown into the 2 liter TFSI turbo; specifically a Stage 2 Dimsport Master software custom tuned ECU, with K&N Typhoon Intakes plus an Akrapovic Exhaust system; a quick glance at that transplanted R32 rear end revealed those unmistakably Akrapovic muffler – in all its carbon fiber glory. Keeping everything more on what’s required than what’s desired, the owner had placed his ride on the good hands of the tuning Gurus from Trial Tuning Spirit – Tam Haltech and William Chong. Rest assured the mods mentioned above coupled with the close to 200 ponies and more than 200lb-ft of torque of the unmodded GTi.


The other aftermarket bits are the instantly recognizable Volk Racing RE30 rims and sitting discreetly inside them are the set of Golf R brakes kit up front. Like I’ve said it is all about ‘what’s required’ by the owner.

Car: Volkswagen Golf MkV GTi

Engine Modifications: 1984cc TFSI Inline-4 Turbo, Stage 2 Dimsport Master Software, K&N Typhoon, Akrapovic exhaust with carbon fiber muffler

Transmission: standard

Suspension: standard

Brakes: Golf R brakes kit

Wheels & Tyes: Volk Racing RE30 18 inch forged monoblock wheels 225/40ZR-18

Interior: standard, M7 Touch Race Infometer

Exterior: R32 rear end transplant, custom spoilers