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Blue Hue

These days mixing and matching a ride to your heart’s content has taken on an art form, so much so in fact that adding a multiple dose of color on to a slightly ‘sedate’ looking ride has become the norm. How often have we seen random rides out there with ordinary looking paintwork being paired with a much, much more striking set of wheels? Of course, most of these ‘privately conceived’ 4-wheel outtakes have pretty much dove tail into something perpetually unattractive. But sometimes, it just worked out to near aesthetical perfection – like so.

What we have here is a super stellar example of the same-styled visual concept executed with sheer class and panache. Of course, the underlying fact is that the platform itself, the base ride whence it hadn’t been fettled with, as in the said ride in its ‘pre-Hypertune appearance’ days, is already a class act, goes a long way into making everything classier in on itself. The BMW 335i E93 is the convertible variant of the fifth generation 3-Series Bimmer, and is the most powerful of all the 3-series outside of the M3s. Homing in on the point is its fabulous N54 twin-turbo motor with pretty impressive 322 bhp and 332 lb-ft of torque figures.


With all manner of sophisticated electronics as per the performance – Steptronic transmission, Driving Dynamics Controls; and handling – Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), the 335i E93 has been acknowledged as amongst the most capable of convertibles right from the get-go. And up until now even it still garners enough respect as a pure Beemer – as in a pure ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’.

Now of course as capable and as exceptional as the standard E93 was and is, we are not all that concerned with that term ‘standard’. Thus, this classy and discreet, but at the same time gnawingly eye-catching BMW Cabrio have had quite a major re-hashing of its persona. The ‘re-hashing’ process involved an Amuse Ericsson bodykit – quite a unique spin amidst the many options as per the exterior of the E93 3 series. We have become all too accustomed to the myriad of aftermarket choices as per the 3 Series looks with the majority of them being German-made. And to have the Made-in-Japan Amuse Ericsson option looking amazingly fabulous with its bulbous haunch, intimidating and imposing all in one purposeful stance, amongst them is something else altogether. The carbon fiber hood seems pretty ordinary in the greater scheme of things.


And the rather unique representation slash image of this sporty 335i is neatly summed up with that screamingly loud Rohana RC-10 alloy wheels sized 19inch manifested in sparkling blue. In stark contrast with the blue spokes is the red caliper of the AP Racing brakes. And going from the outside heading into the heart of the 335i we have the KW V2 suspension kit which pretty much takes care of the handling sides as per this here three-three-five Bimmer.

Inside the engine bay things are kept simple really, just the carbon fiber intake from Gruppe M, whilst the other bit on the performance enhancement concerns the ECU – reflash by N1. As usual, as in as expected the exhaust went from stock to a custom M3 replica type deal. Inside what grabs your attention is of course the red leathers – the red headrest being abundantly visible from the outside.


A stellar example of a wonderfully classy jab at Bimmer refinement.

Car Model: BMW 335i

Stock Engine: N54 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6

Engine mods: Gruppe M carbon fiber intake, N1 ECU reflash, custom M3 muffler

Gearbox: stock

Brakes: AP Racing 6-pot caliper front and 4-pot rear

Wheels & Tyres: Rohana RC10 19inch wheels

Suspension: KW V2

Exterior: Amuse Ericsson bodykit

Interior: custom red leather interior trim