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Bigger and Better

Sometimes, you just want to get the facts straight out in the open without any bloody thing stopping you or standing in your way, often leading to misconception or misunderstanding. Others would sometimes hate, or argue, or maybe even agree. What’s there to be misunderstood by this simple fact: I want more.

A Mercedes-Benz CLK240.

Yes, it looks good on its own, it’s not as fancy as a Supra or an Evolution X, or maybe not as exotic as a Porsche 997 or a Lamborghini Reventon, but it does look good.

The whole point of owning a Mercedes-Benz is because. Yes, that was not a typo, is just, simply, because.

Getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz gives the impression of wealth, of control, something most cars failed to deliver. If there is one thing that is shared between all petrolheads, is that we want more. More power, more stylish, more traction, more slides, more wide, more in every sense of the word.

Therefore, having understood the meaning of the word ‘more’ as defined by a petrolhead, then you will be able to understand why the owner of this fine looking vehicle decided to replace the stock standard boring looking exhaust pipes to Eisenmann cat-back exhaust system, complete with AMG-style tailpipes to make it look as if it means business.

But it does mean business.

Exotic Mods Stage 1 custom remap was applied on the ECU, replacing standard tunings and turn the whole engine’s characteristics from a tame stallion into a wild, raging, menopausal wild boar. Response is immediate, and nothing beats the sound it makes as it revs up.

A Sprint Booster throttle response was also installed for the same reason the ECU was remapped; to squeeze more immediate response from the engine. This device doesn’t actually make more power but it modulates the electronic throttle’s map to make the car more responsive to throttle inputs, giving that sense of brisker acceleration.

The transmission system is kept at stock with factory spec in mind, because that is usually kept at a later stage. Who would want to mod something that is already perfect anyway? Well, you guessed it, because we want more.

Handling wise, the CLK received some adjustments to the stock springs. Sport springs from H&R are used to give a little more sporty feelings to the driving experience. It doesn’t lower the car much, so the comfort level is retained. The potholes are a nuisance, after all.

As usual, the braking system that came with the CLK is already enough for some fun, and is kept at stock. We’re sure a Brembo kit is sitting somewhere waiting to replace the stock braking system. Or is it AP? We drool thinking about those six-pots.

Wheels are replaced with 19-inch AEZ Portofino, and bless thee, the wheels are delicious to look at. The simple five spokes twin design shines the size rather well, and it blends well with the Benz’s star and lines.

Performance Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres are used, despite people’s comments that the tyre is noisy. Who cares, anyway? When it comes to performance, most cars are as loud as a grandmother’s babblings anyway, bless you. Furthermore, the Benz is already well-insulated from road noise so the added performance of stickier rubbers should be the only noticeable difference.

The interior of the CLK240 is kept at stock, because, have you been into one of these? The whole cockpit speaks to you as if you are the master of the universe with its walnut veneer dash inserts that is something only German cars have managed to pull off.

But the overall outlook of the car completes the wet dream some of us have been having. Rieger front add-on lip, Rieger front carbon-look add-on splitter, Rieger carbon-look side skirts, Rieger carbon-look rear diffuser, Rieger DTM-style rear spoiler and AMG fog lights make the car look fierce and ready to pounce.

All installed and tuned by Exotic Mods, this CLK240 is not just another Benz looking for chicks to party with. Well, yes, but with more style, and is definitely more serious to play on the tarmac than most Benz’s owners out there.

Car: Mercedes-Benz CLK240
Engine Mods: Eisenmann cat-back exhaust system, AMG-style tailpipes
Electronics: Exotic Mods Stage 1 custom ECU remap, Sprint Booster Throttle Response booster
Transmission: Stock
Chassis & Handling: H&R sport springs
Brakes: Stock
Wheels &Tyres: AEZ Portofino 19-inch, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres
Interior: Stock
Exterior: Rieger front add-on lip, Rieger front carbon-look add-on splitter, Rieger carbon-look side skirts, Rieger carbon-look rear diffuser, Rieger DTM-style rear spoiler, AMG fog lights
Garage: Exotic Mods

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