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Be-winged Retro Road Racer

At this moment in time – just a few weeks until a brand new 2016, we can pretty much glance back to the first tentative years after the turn of the century and reminisce upon the many preceding automobiles that have left an indelible mark upon our wicked, petrol-pumping hearts; the multitude of certified legends that allowed us to experience the finer aspects of motoring nirvana without so much as rendering us into a financial ‘eunuch’.

Such were what some of us fondly regard as the ‘good old days’, when cars, even the ‘way-up-there’ kinds still had a gear knob where you’d expect it to be; the steering wheel only had the make’s emblem and nothing else, where buttons and switches are purposefully and ergonomically sensible, and fundamentally the cars themselves were honest to goodness driven and explored and mastered before being exploited. And correlating to the styling trends back then, the sportier cars themselves looked unquestionably beautiful, timelessly so.


Now before I get mauled over by the current generation of enthusiasts allow me to state my case – just count the numerous cars belonging to the 1990s that still commands respect and admiration to this day; then compare the contemporary design trends with the acknowledged 1990s classics and see how little they differ. And if you’re still aren’t convinced then just behold right here, draped across in front of you is a close derivative of one of the best front driven compact performance car of all time right here – the Honda Integra DC2 Type R.

Of course the progression of the Type R gene pool have brought forth the likes of the DC5, a succession of Civics the likes of which have virtually guaranteed their permanence in the all-time compact performance car class hall of fame. But it was truly the DC2 that sparked the impromptu establishment of the new or more like newer generation of tarmac burners. In any case the DB8 right here has brought in the primary element of the DC2 Type R into its being, or more like into its original being. The engine’s originally the B18C Type R but has since seen better days perhaps as a K20A from the FD2R was put in place. Thereafter everything were pretty much par for the course with respect to the entire built.


In a nutshell the list of mods here is indeed quite extensive and thus requires an entire page of its own accord. Of course there are a few notable components in the mix, quite a few in fact, among others custom manifold and 2 inch piping, throttle body from the DC5, FD2R intake manifold, a 6 speed manual with Ogura clutch and flywheel, Hondata K-Pro ECU and so on. The sum of all these highly accomplished names in the business had really amounted to something altogether sublime in every fundamental ways possible. There were no information as per the power hike as such but I reckon with the extensive upgrades of the motor’s ancillaries therein, the stock’s K20A on the FD2R 222 hp figures would be all but obsolete in this instant.

In the handling department the mods were pretty extensive as well with both the suspension and brakes being transformed from fully stock to lock and loaded. The stock suspenders were promptly taken out and an Aragosta adjustable kit is installed. Thereafter a pair of Spoon calipers for the front came scrambling into submission doing its bid to stop this mighty K20A-powered DB8 in its tracks. There’s also Mugen’s partial presence in this here Honda. Well we’d call it partial since there’s no proper juicing up so to speak in the power department as well as the handling aspect. What presence might that be you ask? Well it has more to do with the rolling stocks – the MF8 wheels shod with Bridgestone RE11.


Climb inside though and it’s resplendent with all manner of goodies, starting with yup another Mugen item – the MS-Z seats and quite a fabulous seat it is sitting alongside the SR3 from Recaro. And yeah that is not a typo, the driver’s on the Mugen and the co-pilot’s on the Recaro, that ain’t exactly a revolution in the matter of performance car seating arrangements now ennit? Well, as usual in a purpose-built speed machine such as this, the raw, pared-down vibe encapsulates you in such a way as to get you in the mood day in day out. Perhaps that’s just how the owner wants it.

Well to round things up nice and neat for this segment let us divert our collective focus onto the exterior of this quite flushed DB8. C-West components dominate this Honda’s outer façade for the most part, with Carbon Fiber front bonnet, skirting, a big mother-thumper of a wing a la GT, and a barrage of additional parts all around.


Round em up we sure did, did we not? And for those among you who have some vested interest in the exceptional reiteration of this stupendous K20A-powered DB8, then make good and clever use of your fancy hand-held devices and seek out MTC Performance located somewhere around the vicinity of Batu Caves.

Happy hunting!

Car: Honda Integra DB8

Engine Mods: original B18C motor transplanted with K20A i-VTEC (from FD2R); Induction: custom manifold, custom 2 inch piping; Intake: BMC air filter, DC5 throttle body, FD2R intake manifold; Fuel system: DW fuel pump, SARD fuel regulator; Cooling system: Synergy radiator, EVO III cooling fan; Exhaust system: 2.5 inch pipes, custom muffler, REAL CARBON front strut bar, HASPORT engine mounting

Transmission: 6-speed manual 5.1 final drive, Ogura clutch & flywheel

Electronics: Hondata K-Pro ECU

Handling: Aragosta Adjustable suspension hi-low/ soft-hard

Brakes: Spoon front calipers, stock rear

Wheels & Tyres: Mugen MF8 wheels, Bridgestone Potenza RE11

Exterior: C-WEST bodykit, spoiler/ GT wing, Carbon fiber bonnet, INGS fender, Ganador side mirrors, RAYS lock nut & air valves, glass-less door panel, DB8 sunroof

Interior: Mugen MS-Z driver’s seat, Recaro SR-3 co-driver’s seat, Type-R (model year 2000) dashboard, DB8 door trimmings, S2000 instrument panel, HKS Circuit Attack Counter Gauge, Defi Advance ZD Meter, Sparco deep dish 2-spoke steering wheel, DC5 gear linkage, custom gear knob, Cross room bar, Spoon rear bar, auto light sensor, Spoon room mirror, Integra third brake light, logo and carpeting

Garage: MTC Performance at Batu Caves