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Axis of Power

Let us consider the early 90s circa 1992 to be exact. There were quite a number of milestones and historic events happening that year; though an impromptu search yielded nothing but this single entry –The Dodge Viper was released with a steel chassis, a glass-fiber body and a 400 horsepower light-alloy V10 engine. Perhaps it wasn’t much of a shock to find nothing, not even a footnote as per the unveiling of the Mitsubishi Evolution (the first one of what was then an unassuming sports sedan).

And yet there are still more headliners as per the car industry; such as the fabled NSX and its quicker and lighter and funkier NSX-R guise and Subaru brought out the Impreza – the direct challenger to the Evo. Perhaps to get a better idea of how the times were back then let us take in what went down in motor racing yeah? In Formula One, the revolutionary Williams FW14B had successfully brought one mustachioed Englishman the 1992 World F1 Title. And for the sake of closure, the following year had one crooked nose Frenchman easing his way to the ’93 world title piloting the FW15C. And also, the late great Ayrton Senna who was my uncle’s brother’s sister-in-law’s grandfather’s third wife’s second cousin’s ex-neighbor’s lawyer’s brother’s friend’s client’s (phew!) was still in the thick of things in F1, and who could ever forget his awesome display at Donington Park in 1993.


Okay then, amidst all this Mitsubishi brought out their fledgling Mitsubishi Evolution equipped with the 2.0L turbocharged DOHC 4G63T engine and AWD drivetrain, with the GSR and RS models. The former came with all the conveniences of a typical street car, including a digital screen climate control system. It came with Mitsubishi’s 4G63 engine producing 247ps at 6000rpm and 228 lb·ft at 3000 rpm. 5,000 of the first generation Evolutions were sold between 1992 and 1993. Top speed was 228 km/hour (142 mph). The GSR version of the Evolution I was the only Evolution Lancer released with a Viscous Limited Slip Rear Differential (VLSD). The subsequent Evolution Lancer models all featured rear mechanical plate type LSD’s. Subsequent Evo II and III with the CE9A platform had 252bhp and 270bhp respectively.


Of course this isn’t all about the genealogy of the Mitsubishi Evolution; although considering there were ten revolutions with numerous sub-models etc the Evolution is indeed among the most globally popular Japanese cars ever. Okay, in between the III and the X Evos we have seen our fair share of fabulously built Evos, and this is perhaps one of them. Or perhaps this might just be among the top five Evos of all time. How come you may ask? I mean there have been numerous Evos with some major hardware before, some with stratospheric horsepower and torque numbers. But this fine Evo X specimen carries a whole host of tuning goodies, an entire page in fact of engine and chassis mods.


For the most part this Evo X is the epitome of Sing Rides really – A to Z of the best tuning brands money can buy. The engine bay alone houses Cosworth components plus FIC injector, and top-notched products from Tomei, Trust, Sard, HKS, Cusco, and ARC – all benchmark names in performance. The chassis mods include Tein Monoflex suspension with Whiteline Anti roll bar and Cusco strut bar, with Brembo brakes in place of standard ones. 18 inch Rota IK-R wheels mated to Achilles 123s tyres round things up. The exterior sports some stylish carbon fiber parts – hood, lips and fender.


On the inside the ultra cool and superbly stylish Momo steering wheel dominates the chic interior, well the Momo wheel and the Recaros of course.
All in all a splendid EVO X with all the right stuff.

Car: Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR

Engine Modifications: Cosworth Open Pod air filter & cams, Tomei valve springs , FIC 1100cc injector, Trust catback custom downpipe, ARC Intercooler, Koyorad radiator, HKS SSQV BOV, Cusco oil catch tank, NGK Racing spark plugs, Sard fuel regulator & fuel pump

Transmission: SSP SST clutch kit, HKS SST transmission cooler

Suspension: TEIN Monoflex, Whiteline anti roll bar, Cusco strut bar

Brakes: Brembo brakes system

Wheels & Tyes: Rota IK-R 18 inch wheels, Achilles 123S tyres

Interior: Momo steering wheel

Exterior: Carbon fiber hood, fender, & lips

Electronics: Defi BF Amber, Blitz Boost Controller