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Awesomeness Personified

Of all the car manufacturers actively plying their trade the world over, there’s a select few among them that exemplifies the essence of speed with as much aplomb, as suave and yet as cold and calculating as a be-winged Porsche. Unlike the sensuous and much romanticized persona of an exotic Italian thoroughbred, an archetype Rennsport Porsche (that’s the fabled Porsche RS to you and me), while still unabashedly flamboyant with plenty of imposing presence, threads a more purposeful and business-like path as it pursues the ultimate objective all the top players in the highly exclusive league of the finest performance cars money can buy; that is the uncompromising synergy of precision handling and extractable horsepower. Queue the legendary 911.

Now having outlined the preliminary hype as per the 911 – its genesis and its reputation for the most part, we shall now partake upon the ‘side-stepping’ detour of sorts as we peel the layers off this rather exceptional Porsche project. There is no other angle to approach the subject really apart from looking at it as a truly special, one-off Porsche conversion project. In this case, both the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ elements as per the conversion pertains to the most desirable aspects of the German make’s most wanted list – the ‘pre’ as in the ‘before’ would be a 2010-registered model 997 Turbo, whereas the ‘after’ as in the desired result would be the absolutely magnificent 991 GT3 – the pared-down, no-compromise high-performance, road-legal racing car.


Before we go on, we have to first outline the reasoning behind the owner’s desire to transform his already fabulous 997 Turbo into an even more fabulous 991 GT3. Then again, there’s this pretty old saying that more or less sounds like this, “when you have the means, do with it what you will”. Sure, the man does have the means, and yeah sure, he does intend to do what he so wills, although should you know all too well just how incredible and how utterly amazing the 991 based GT3 looks, even more so in the flesh mind, then you’d never ever begrudge the man’s desire to do as he pleases with his 997. And the end result more than justified the course does it not?


Yeah well, the end result notwithstanding, the 997 Turbo base car, is a righteous turbocharged powerhouse in its own right, and is well and truly worthy of a feature in itself, even an entirely stock example as it were. Throughout the 911’s production chronology, the Turbo (and its subsequent variants) carried the top-of-the-line tag for Porsche’s benchmark model, and in the 997, specifically the 2006 model, it harnesses some 480 ponies flowing seamlessly from the evergreen water-cooled flat-6 twin turbo, with tire-shredding 505 foot pounds of torque (via over-boost). With all that raw wattages of power transferred onto all four wheels the 997 Turbo clocked a pretty handy 3.4 seconds century sprint, accelerating on and on to its 310 km/h maximum velocity.

It is pretty clear by now, what this conversion is all about isn’t it? With such big performance beckoning, the owner’s intention was merely a cosmetic makeover inasmuch, along with the supplementary refinements therein. On the cosmetic side, the owner went with a direct swap for most of the restyled 991 elements – the entire front lights component, 991 GT3 bodykit front end (which comes with the 991 day lights), two piece rear spoiler & bonnet from the GT3 RS, and one final 991 bit – the rear lamps. The roof spoiler, sculptured in carbon fiber perfection comes from Techart. Rounding up the fresh new 991 looks is those gorgeous BBS CH-R 19 inch wheels wrapped with low-profile Continental tires.


A fine selection of original Porsche performance components were also employed: Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB), Porsche in-car phone module, navigation & ICE, Bose sound system, Sports race steering wheel, and oh a full complements of Porsche’s state-of-the-art fully programmed performance & handling enhancing electronic wizardry – the Porsche Sport Chrono package with the PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) feature, considered by many as among the very best driver’s enhancements tech at the moment. But then again, it is Porsche after all, and more often than not, pretty much anything with the Porsche badge (alas, the original ones of course) usually ends up among the best.

Adding to the multitude of new goodies neatly placed in the converted 991’s exquisite cabin is the exquisitely tailored fully custom Nappa Leather and Alcantara interior. And sure enough, after the ‘show’ inevitably comes the ‘go’, not that the twin turbo is in any way lacking mind. Having spent the best part of the gross domestic income of Liberia on the cosmetic side of his super special Porsche, our main man still have lots more in reserve. But he didn’t go Kanye West on the go bits; rather he’d figured a certain degree of refinement of his already potent 480 hp twin turbo special would be ‘appropriate’.


And thus came in the COBB engine management software, BMC competition sports intake, and a combo of Europipe cat-delete X pipe, Tubi Style exhaust system and a Magnaflow tailpipe. Refinements might be the buzz word right here but all of the above would surely yield quite a number of galloping new ponies, inducing a wee bit of oomph to this superlative 991 Turbo conversion, with all its naturally emitting panache and natural born coolness.

Car: Converted Porsche 991 GT3

Engine Mods: COBB engine management, BMC competition sports intake, Tubi exhaust system, Magnaflow exhaust tail pipe, Europipe Cat delete X pipe

Transmission: stock

Chassis: Porsche PCCB Ceramic brakes kit (Brembo 6-pot 380mm Ceramic Disc), Porsche PASM, Porsche Sports Chrono Pack

Wheels & Tires: 19 inch BBS CH-R Wheels with Continental tires

Exterior: Front 991 GT3 bodykit with original 991 Porsche Daylight, Techart carbon roof spoiler, 991 GT3 Headlights + Light Bar + headlamps (w/ brackets & mounting), GT3 RS Rear 2pc Spoiler + Bonnet, Rear 991 tail lamp, 8K HID Prius system

Interior: Custom Nappa Leather + Alcantara interior, Bose sound system, Porsche In car Telephone module, Porsche navigation & 6disc changer, Porsche sport race steering