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Audacious Audi

Living in a multicultural society leads to richer experiences in life and a better understanding of things around us. It allows us to be more open-minded and patient toward daily grindings while resulting in a more cultured personality that would not find it hard to fit in anywhere in the world.

Being exposed to many cultures helps us go through life with a calmer demure and that is never a bad thing. Furthermore, it allows us to have the best of many worlds and apply that to the things that we are or will undertake in life as it progresses.

Although having been making waves in the automotive tuning world for some time now, cross cultures in auto tuning is slowly growing and the results are unique, functional and downright insane builds that belong in the annals of tuning magazines.

Slowly but surely, the influences of tuning cultures from the JDM scene are creeping into the Euro scene and vice versa. This is not a pollution of the tuning culture in that particular scene but is merely an evolution of tuning as a whole.

We can run but we certainly cannot hide from it.

Take for instance this Audi S3 Sportback that we came across during our recent visit down south for the Singapore Tokyo Auto Salon. It seamlessly blends influences from different tuning cultures for a ride that stands out by combining form and function.

From the factory, the Audi S3 Sportback pushed out around 261bhp through a six speed dual clutch transmission to all four wheels via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive. Things here were not pushed into warp-drive but were merely given a slight bump to cut some corners faster and pull out of them quicker.

The 2-liter TFSI mill received a larger turbo in the form of a Owen Developments K04 Hybrid turbo. The response and top-end has been improved slightly with a bump up in the overall powerband for better usability. Intake air is sucked via a custom three-inch air intake system before being compressed and sent to the Eurojet intercooler for optimum charge cooling.

A BSH K04 throttle pipe improves response and pick-up while a Neuspeed turbo discharge pipe handles all the spent gases that were given a chance at redemption. All the exhaust gases are channeled out via an MTM full turbo-back exhaust system that results in a menacing growl at the rear.

The final piece of the engine puzzle is the AEM water methanol injection kit for a cooler burn. All the engine mounts have been replaced as well with firmer BSH engine mounts for less flex during hard throttling.

On the engine governance side, the tuner and garage responsible for this build, Horizon Auto Tuning, did a custom Stage 3 remap of the ECU while dialing in more boost with a GReddy electronic boost controller.

Sitting on the dash is a Brockway Engineering DGauge. The DGauge is a digital multi-gauge that plugs into the diagnostic port of most post 1996 vehicles to display real-time engine data on a colour TFT screen. It can be set to display gear position, as a shift light and other engine parameters such as fluid temperatures and pressure.

Power is sent to the Quattro system through a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, or S-Tronic in Audi-speak. While the transmission itself has been left alone, a BSH dog-bone mount was installed. On dual clutch transmissions, the spot on the transmission where the smaller bushing would rest is uneven and could destroy the bush over time. The dog-bone mount goes there to protect it and provide and even resting surface.

Aiding the Quattro in putting down power to the ground are a set of APi Racing Type RS coilovers with custom spring rates for local conditions. Body roll has been further dampened with Whiteline 24mm adjustable sway bars on the front and rear. A Whiteline anti-lift kit completes the handling package.

Stopping power is courtesy of Alcon four-piston calipers clamping on 365mm rotors up front. The biggest and most noticeable cross culture influence comes in the form of Advan wheels that measure 18×8 with an offset of +48. Mating JDM wheels with Conti rides has always resulted in beautiful form and this time it is no exception. Rubbers are from Toyo and are of the Proxes R888 variety for crazy grip.

The only change on the interior is a Sparco Evo2 Plus full-bucket seat for the driver. Everything else has been left untouched as the racy red interior of the S3 already had that boy racer feel to it. On the outside, the owners decided to leave it as that and make no changes to an already sporty looking piece of kit.

As you can see, there are a number of influences that have governed the outcome of this car. Regardless of what they are, the important aspect is that they more often than not result in something global and great, striking appeal to all scenes and people.


Car: Audi S3 Sportback

Engine Mods: MTM full turbo-back exhaust system, Owen Developments K04 Hybrid Turbocharger, neuspeed turbo discharge pipe, BSH K04 throttle pipe, BSH engine mounts, AEM water methanol injection kit, Eurojet intercooler, custom 3-inch air intake system

Electronics: H.A.T custom Stage 3 tuning, GReddy boost controller, Brockway Engineering DGauge

Transmission: BSH dog bone mount

Chassis & Handling: APi Racing Type RS coilovers, custom spring rates, Whiteline front 24mm adjustable sway bar, Whiteline rear 24mm adjustable sway bar, Whiteline anti-lift kit

Brakes: Alcon four-piston calipers with 365mm rotors

Wheels & Tyres: Advan 18×8 +48 wheels, Toyo Proxes R888 tyres

Interior: Sparco Evo2 Plus full-bucket seat

Exterior: Stock

Garage: Horizon Auto Tuning (H.A.T)

Text: Dinesh
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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