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With An Attitude

It is never easy to impress in today’s various sectors of society. Pick the automotive industry for example, some may have tons to splurge but with modest results to show for while some of those with limited resources to work with could pull off a miracle with giant-killing potential. And especially in the peer pressure age that we live in, it’s constantly surrounded by an air of aspiration to constantly want more.

Now this want more disease could go south if we just want what we want without giving it any consideration. Take car modification for example, as we observe the go-fast people zooming down the fast lane in their fast cars, we want to go fast too; whether through modifications or acquisitions, without any proper thought the only thing that would go fast is our money.

We’ve seen a lot of those barely intact cars built up just so they could make it to the fueling station for a brief moment of showing off but we’ve also seen examples like this Corolla that we’ve can all take a step back and admire. This almost 20 year old body has been blessed with a shot of 4AGE 20 valve youth. With a ported and polished head, the pristine 20 valve-r is not the only beauty in this stable of an engine bay.

A supersized Simota air intake feeds cold unrestricted air into engine while it waste gases exit through a 4-2-1 extractor and out onto the front end of its tail gate-r via a FGK twin muffler. The cooling department also adds a little shine to the Corolla’s power-making segment with an aluminium radiator fueled with Martini Racing coolant and a radiator cooling plate to direct cold air towards the aluminium unit while an oil cooler and a Tom’s 71-degrees low temp thermostat helps keep the engine level headed upon being rudely awakened.

The 4AGE’s pulleys have also been upgraded with a lightweight piece at the crank and adjustable unit at the top while an engine damper helps reduce vibrations under huge strains. With an Aerospeed fuel pressure regulator and an upgraded fuel pump, the power juices are ignited with Bosch Fusion plugs, having currents consistently supplied by NGK plug cables and a Hot Inazma Type MR voltage stabiliser, from the battery which has been relocated with a Tonnka Relocation Kit.

A six-speed manual transmission has been matched with the high revving 20-valve unit with Levin drive shafts transferring power to those WedsSport wheels locked in place with extended wheel nuts as they house the eye catching twin-pot calipers. Sumitomo brake pads add further bite to the braking system in the front while Brembo pieces increases clamping authority at the back with Pro RS steel-braided brake line offer a little extra braking consistency all round.

With such power comes the responsibility of improve the over maneuverability and stability of the car and this has been enhanced with BC coilovers while Ultra Racing fender, rear strut and lower arm bars compliment the Levin front strut, Juran 2-point bar and BZR rear anti-roll bar in reducing and minimising body flex under hard cornering conditions. The SuperPro bushings allow vibrations to go unnoticed and together with a Cusco 6-point roll cage, the improved rigidity on the chassis wouldn’t.

The noticeable Blue Stone semi-gloss exterior is a result of a custom body kit that has been enhanced with a front splitter and a rear diffuser. While the carbon fiber OEM-styled hood and fender sheds weight off the Corolla’s body, the AE101 spoiler offers a wee bit more stability with the high speeds this Toyota can achieve. On the inside, a SSCUS custom suede semi-bucket seat, a Momo Race steering wheel and the Tom’s gearknob gives every individual a sense of excitement in the cockpit even without even having to have a twitch at the ignition.

And this along a host of Defi gauges and a FX 180km/h meter cluster is a testament of what can be achieved with a little imagination and a good sense of consideration before the purse strings are allowed to fly out in reaching go-fast items to feed the go-fast need.

Car: Toyota Corolla AE101
Engine Mods: 4AGE 20V, adjustable cam pulleys, ported & polished head, oil cooler, 4-2-1 extractor, Simota super inlet air intake, FGK twin muffler, Tonnka battery relocation kit, NGK plug cables, aluminium radiator, Martini Racing coolant, radiator cooling plate, Aerospeed fuel pressure regulator, upgraded fuel pump, Bosch Fusion plugs, engine damper, lightweight crank pulley, magnetic oil drain nut, Tom’s 71-degrees low-temp thermostat, cold-air intake, Hot Inazma Type-MR, Pivot Spark Earth grounding cables
Electronics: Stock
Transmission: Six-speed manual,Levin driveshafts
Chassis & Handling: BC coilovers + extender adjusters, Cusco six-point roll-cage, Auto Foam chassis stiffening, Ultra Racing bars (fender, rear strut, lower arm), Levin front strut bar + Juran 2-point bar, BZR rear anti-roll bar, Arospeed room bar, SuperPro bushings, extended roll-center adapter, 555 stabilizer link
Brakes: Twin-pot calipers, slotted rotors, Sumitomo brake pads (front), Brembo brake pads (rear), Pro RS steel-braided brake lines, Cusco brake stopper
Wheels &Tyres: WedsSport wheels, custom 5mm spacer (rear), extended wheel nuts
Interior: Defi gauges, OEM grey trim + rear armrest, SSCUS custom suede semi-bucket seat, FX 180km/h meter cluster, OEM auto headlight, burger tray, Tom’s gearknob, clean box, OEM tweeter covers, OEM infrared radio antenna, OEM digital air-conditioning controls, trunk cover, Hot Inazma Pocket, Momo Race steering wheel, NRG short hub, double-deck center armrest, triple layer soundproofing
Exterior: Custom body kit, diffuser, front splitter, carbon fiber OEM-style hood, carbon fiber fenders, AE101 spoiler, limited edition rear sun visor, OEM window visor + clip, crystal-style taillights, DRL, Blue Stone semi-gloss paintjob

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