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All Suited Up

I can’t tell you enough how crucial first impressions are. In terms of impressing at first glance, no car, I think, can tick all the right boxes like the IS 250 does. Some might say that the car looks too boxy with its square edges and curve-less body as though the designer only had a ruler to design it but if you can’t see the beauty in this IS 250, you’d need more than laser technology for your eyes.

Though the car has been around since 2007, it still looks like it could be driven into a showroom and fool potential buyers as though it’s a new addition to the Lexus stable. This just seems to be a car for all occasions; it won’t look out of place at a fancy valet parking yet it looks sporty enough to blend in with cars of sportier credentials. It has everything a car can ever have and want; the looks, the power and the persona.

Speaking of power, though the Lexus portrays itself as a gentlemen’s saloon, it is in fact classified as a sports sedan and is certainly capable of springing a few surprises to doubters and haters at the red light courtesy of the 205hp from its 2.5-liter V6 engine. The IS 250, can be undoubtedly said to be one of the very few cars that from no matter what angle you look at it, it just seems faultless.

From its cobra-like front end, to its bulging and seemingly long front hood to its rear end that looks like an All-Blacks rugby player’s expression while doing the Haka at the beginning of a rugby match.

And with the F-Sport conversions and additions on the Lexus’ bodywork, it simply makes Giselle Bunchen in a swimsuit look like a less attractive sight. The factory produced F-Sport models feature interior and exterior upgrades, and can be differentiated visually by the F-Sport badging, mesh grille, and spoiler and while it may be identical with other mainstream IS models, it stands out with a lowered suspension.

This particular Lexus however which has the full Wald bodykit clad on it simply exudes attention to unimaginable levels. Watching this car pass you by would be such an irresistible sight that if there were plenty more of these Wald-clad Lexus’ running around town; everyone would be in neck braces. The carbon fiber grill just adds another dimension to how the Lexus looks on your rear view mirror, silent but being plain mean.

This may not be the car for extreme modifications on the less civilized turbocharged Japanese sedans but it still packs a loud-growling Blitz dual exhaust and the F-Sport air filter in its engine bay while being “brain-washed” by a HKS ECU. Though the 6-speed automatic transmission can be a mood kill to the measly 200 horsepower this car produces, there can’t be any complains on this car’s brakes with its F-sport rotors and 6-pot calipers in the front and 4-pot at the rear, which of course steals some of the limelight from the 19-inch Advan RZ wheels mated with Falken tires.

A splash of Lamborghini white paint simply completes this car’s persona as a gentlemen’s sports sedan with the urge for style without wanting to be slow. Regardless to what others say, if all cars could be made to look as stunning as the IS 250 then mind my words but heaven is on earth.

Car: Lexus IS250 F-Sport Japan Spec
Engine: 2.5-liter V6
Engine Modification: Blitz dual exhaust, F-Sport Air Filter, HKS ECU
Transmission: 6-speed Automatic
Brakes: F-Sport calipers & rotors, 6-pot (F) 4 pot (R)
Wheels & Tires: 19-inch Advan RZ wheels, Falken tires
Exterior: Wald full bodykit, Carbon front grill, Lamborghini white paint

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