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Abstract Speed

It seems that with the all consuming popularity of the Über hot hatch in its uppermost ‘premium’ trim not that long ago, it was simply a matter of time the relatively small pool of worthy competitors battling for Numero Uno was going to grow, even if only by one. These were the hatches that originated from traditional well known makers of hatchbacks the likes of which for the most part were borne and ‘nurtured’ in Europe.

Hitherto since the fashionably late arrival of the already mighty purveyors of luxury automobiles for the Über hot hatch gathering, the impromptu shuffling of the status quo took place somewhat inevitably. With the entire detractors at hand a new powerhouse emerged in amongst them all, rendering all the other traditionally strong and well respected sports hatches a little ‘askew’ as to their respective domains. Not that long ago, again the passage of time weighs in heavily on the objective considerations of the matter; premium sports hatches that is capable of near supercar levels of performance were unheard of.


Nowadays with forced induction technology enabling some truly mind-boggling outputs from just a 4 cylinder sub-2000cc lump, chassis design and vehicle dynamics as well as aerodynamics allowing for handling capability that mimics race cars equipped ground-effects, there need be an entirely new class of upper tier premium hatch that appears all set to be rule not the exception this near future. Should you need an idea of what’s to come for the next batch of insanely quick tailless automobiles then this one right here is a pretty damn good place to start.

But for the first few moments let us ignore the eye catching paintwork, or the obviously faster yet prowess of this built-up A45 and indulge upon it in its stock form first okay? That mammoth of an engine which is the 2 liter Turbo which took the engine of the year title recently is further revised with an additional 21hp, bringing the total to 381hp. The refreshed Mercedes-AMG A45 combines fascinating power output, extreme stability and exemplary efficiency. Zero to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, a top speed of 270 km/h (with the optional AMG Driver’s Package) – both achieved with an impressive fuel consumption of 7.3 – 6.9 l/100 km.

With its completely revised powertrain and improved aerodynamics, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 now offers an even more emotional experience behind the wheel. Daily driving is a pleasure and racetrack driving is sheer exhilaration, supplied via traction and performance from the performance-oriented AMG all-wheel drive, four AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes and the optional AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension.


The powerful design of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 displays its dynamic design idiom in a most impressive capacity. The sporty proportions are accentuated even further through the AMG front apron in the new A-wing design. With 4 vertical fins and a spoiler lip in the rear apron diffuser, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 is not only easy on the eye, but distinctive in presence. Inside it is all about sports styling, and that new AMG instrument cluster. And exclusive appointments featuring DINAMICA microfiber with red contrasting topstitching – the interior of the A 45 presents an impressive combination of high-class, mixed with dynamic touches.

Surely by now some semblance of being bowled over is slowly permeating its way all over that manly albeit moisturized face of yours yeah? Still not impressed? Okay then hows about its aftermarket TTE450 turbo? A mighty force-fed hardware that has been known to take the stock (and by now staid) numbers of the A45 into a whole new territory of close to 500 galloping ponies? I’m sure once you’ve include the AMS intake, HPP downpipe, Willall intercooler, Remus valve-control exhaust, all running on stage 3 custom mapping the final output could go well above the mystical half ton >500hp club.


The chassis received a pretty sizeable chunk of the owner’s attention with HPP front & rear strut bars, H&R front & rear sway bars, a complete kit of adjustable KW V3 suspension, and Spoon rigid collars. Although the material from which these rather exceptional rigid collars are made is confidential, these Tatsura Ichichma of Spoon Japan designed product is pretty amazing. The basic principle is one of chassis strengthening and rigidity without going overboard and compromising the cars inherent handling characteristics. The Rigid Collar kit is simple to fit and low cost, Rigid Collars ease into position without affecting the basic geometry of the body. The way the Rigid Collar works is simple. Bolt holes through the chassis panel and sub frame are normally too big as they were designed for ease of production in the factory.

The brakes are Pagid RS pads equipped Brembo 4 pots, with steel braided brake hoses from HEL. These finely tuned brakes setup lurks behind a 19 inch OZ Racing HLT shod with Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R tires. Indeed all are megabucks stuff in case you’re wondering. The styling outside and in are pretty much par for the course these days, although the outer part does have some magnetic animalistic pull as per its eye-catching graphics, that’d be the Jon Olsson Camo by Imola. But still as per the exterior extras it is worth noting that this unique A45 ultra mega hatch also has a Canard Carbon Fiber Full set and complete Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors.


Yeah there’s only one item left unmentioned and that’d be just the one extra interior goody – the Revozport paddle shifts. OK now we’re done. Whoops nah there’d be one thing more as a footnote sort of, the owner of this fine Merc also have at his disposal a Mini Cooper which starred a little while back which you’d do well to call us to get your sweaty and trembling hands on okay?
You can figure that out for yourself.


Car: Mercedes A45 AMG

Engine mods: TTE450 turbocharger, AMS intake, HPP downpipe, Remus valve control exhaust, Willall intercooler

ECU: Stage 3 mapping

Transmission: Mercedes dual clutch transmission

Brakes: Brembo 4pot, Endless 850° pad, Pagid racing brake fluid, HEL steel brake hose

Chassis/ suspension: KW V3 adjustable, H&R front n rear sway bar, HPP front struct bar, HPP rear struct bar, HPP middle struct bar, Spoon rigid coller front n rear

Wheels & tires: OZ Racing HLT 19”x8.5jj ET 42, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R

Interior: Revozport paddle shifter

Exterior: Canard Carbon Fiber Full set, CF Side Mirror, Jon Olsson Camo by Imola

Owner: Ayed