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A++ Super compact

We have often enough seen a certain designated automobile category grow steadily from one generation to the next, as per the inherent performance and physical presence. These two aspects would ultimately be implicit as the stature and respectability of the one benchmark car of the class designate goes up. Such are the ‘curious case’ of the hot hatch evolution into the mega hatch and the car that transcends the rise.


It’d be a debate that could never be absolve as it were, as there are a number of worthy contenders that could lay claim to being the car to symbolize such a critical change in the premium hatch class. But be that as it may, the Mercedes A45 AMG, regardless of the aforementioned issue is a genuine premium mega hatch in every sense of the term. Look up the term(s) ‘mega hatch’ in some of the more recent and more jive-worthy dictionary and you’d see a prim and proper example as the image reference not unlike this smartly dressed example right here. And although I’d allude to the fact that some form of humor was at play like a moment or two earlier, there is no doubt that the AMG A45 Is one serious, no joke, uber mega hatch of ride.

Having had the opportunity to explore the upper reaches of the benchmark mega hatch the stock AMG A45 is I can totally dig what beastly potential lies within this finely modified example. In a specially organized track session at SIC I was given some alone time with the 360 hp A45 sizzler, and the sensation of raw speed was well and truly sensational. And with such a finely tuned chassis the poise and the balance demonstrated by the A45, was incredible to say the least.


But we both know that we are not in the business of ‘being the least’ as per anything now are we? In fact we are right about at the opposite end of ‘being the least’ as in ‘being the most’; for in this here A45 Mercedes mega hatch you have a tried and true example of a fine Continental hatch with smack-bang in your face countenance of the premium & performance compact. The premium aspect well, things doesn’t come more premium than a Mercedes does it not? And the A45 with the royal AMG moniker to boot is the most premium of all the premiums.


To carry on with the whole premium theme we figured it’d be best to touch upon the performance centerpiece of the entire build – the TTE 450 turbocharger, a force-fed hardware that takes the A45 into a whole new territory with final figures of 470ps not altogether uncommon. Then there is also AMS intake, HPP downpipe, Willall intercooler and Remus exhaust. With a stage 3 custom mapping in place, the numbers could well be way up into the 500++ ponies region.


The chassis received a pretty sizeable chunk of the owner’s attention with HPP strut bars, H&R sway bars, a complete kit of adjustable KW V3 suspension, and Spoon rigid collars. Although te material from which these rather exceptional rigid collars are made is confidential, these Tatsura Ichichma of Spoon Japan designed product is pretty amazing. The basic principle is one of chassis strengthening and rigidity without going overboard and compromising the cars inherent handling characteristics. The Rigid Collar kit is simple to fit and low cost, Rigid Collars ease into position without affecting the basic geometry of the body. The way the Rigid Collar works is simple. Bolt holes through the chassis panel and sub frame are normally too big as they were designed for ease of production in the factory.


The brakes are Pagid RS pads equipped Brembo 4 pots, with steel braided brake hoses from HEL. These finely tuned brakes setup lurks behind a 19 inch Rays G25 forged wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Indeed all are megabucks stuff in case you’re wondering. The styling outside and in are pretty much par for the course these days. But still as per the exterior extras it is worth noting that those front and rear ends came from the very latest 2016 AMG facelift – as of now this be the only one of its kind, and the carbon fiber hood is Boca – a big name in all things carbon fiber.



Car: Mercedes A45 AMG

Engine mods: TTE450 turbocharger, AMS intake, HPP downpipe, Remus valve control exhaust, Willall intercooler

Electronics: stage 3 mapping

Transmission: Mercedes dual clutch transmission

Brakes: Brembo 4-pot, Pagid RS pad, Pagid racing brake fluid, HEL steel brake hose

Chassis/ suspension: KW V3 adjustable, H&R front n rear sway bar, HPP front strut bar, HPP rear strut bar, HPP middle strut bar, Spoon rigid collar front & rear

Wheels & tires: Rays G25 forged wheel 19×8.5, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Interior: Custom AMG 3bar boost meter, AMG alcantara steering wheel with full carbon, Revozport paddle shifter

Exterior: Boca dry carbon fiber hood, 2016 facelift AMG body kit front n rear