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A Bag Of Assorted Nuts

Like a bag of assorted nuts, you can pretty much get almost everything in one bag. Depending where you get your bag of assorted nuts, be it from Kacang Putih stall outside your local Maybank branch or at the counter in the Starbucks stall, it does not matter because you get all of your favourite nuts in one package.

You don’t even need to look far for multi-purpose washing machines. There are machines out there in the market that does both washing and drying it one full wash cycle. Awesome! And what about cars? Obviously, there is a plethora of options and choices that you can take months to think about before making the right choice.

This is the one thing why I like wagons very much is because they do almost everything! They are nice to look at; it’s functional, practical and has the same performance capabilities as its sedan cousin. Pretty much all of them! When it comes to tunability, it’s pretty much covered, or even, turn it into a racecar if you have to! As it is, wagons, or station wagons in the Malaysian point of view, are pretty rare to be seen on the roads let alone finding one. And what is even illusive is our feature Nissan Stagea WC34 Series 2.


Okay, so what is a Nissan Stagea? I am sure most of you would have at least touched a Gran Turismo 2 CD would have an idea of what the Stagea is (that odd looking wagon with 276PS). Basically, it’s a station wagon that is design and manufactured by the Nissan Motor Cooperation Ltd. exclusively for the Japanese market to go head-to-head against the Subaru Legacy. But unlike the Legacy, the Stagea comes in with both 2WD and 4WD variants with 18 different variants combined.

According to background research, the Nissan Stagea is a car that Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of. It’s styling is roughly based on HR31 Skyline but mechanically similar to the R33, its front strut suspension comes from the Nissan Laurel, it’s 4WD system comes from the R34 and so too it’s RB25DET NEO engine. However, the engine on our feature Stagea had some work done on it. It’s has 6x Wiseco Pistons, 6x ACL conrod bearings, metal head gasket, Torq fuel injectors and fuel rail, Tonnka Banana extractor, and an MTS custom turbocharger.

Its transmission is a R33 based 4WD system, with 5 forward gears. To compliment the engine upgrades, the clutch has been replaced with a single plate Ogura clutch that can bite much harder than the original. Also at the rear end, the standard LSD has been replaced with a 1.5-way unit. Cusco fully adjustable coilovers are installed on all four corners of this station wagon, keeping its all 4 of its tyres on uneven road surfaces. Stopping this 1.7 tonne wagon would definitely need some hard biting callipers that its 4-pot calliper up front is capable of.


The dream of having a station wagon would be a dream that some car enthusiast to have and to achieve, with its utter functionality and practicality is like similar to having a pick-up truck or a van albeit with more performance. And having a huge enough space to haul that washing machine that you bought from the department store in the back of your heavily tuned station wagon won’t just provide you the driving pleasure, but could also save you a few Ringgits for a light snack of assorted nuts.

Car: Nissan Stagea (WC34 Series 2)

Engine: RB25DET NEO, Wiseco Piston, ACL conrod bearings, metal head gasket, Torq fuel injectors and fuel rail, Tonnka Banana extractor, MTS custom turbocharger, HKS 3-inch exhaust, Custom made Under6ix full exhaust system, front mount intercooler, and titanium exhaust.

Electronics: Adaptronic 420, Defi Guages, Apexi boost guage, Apexi RSM, 5 bar map sensor.

Transmission: R33 5-speed manual transmission, Ogura Super Single clutch, 1.5-way LSD.

Handling: Cusco fully adjustable coilover kit and a full Cusco under arm kit.

Brakes: Nissan 4 pot calipers

Wheels & Tyres: Rota CE28, Goodyear EfficientGrip 245/45 R18

Interior: Stock. Lancer Evolution 8 Recaro seats

Exterior: R34 GTS-T front-end conversion

Garage & Tuner: Under6ix

Words: Bryan Au