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CRZ Ft.Turbo

Spawned from the legendary 80’s CRX 3 door hatchback, the CRZ had a lot to live up to. The expectations weren’t entirely met when in 2007, Honda revealed the CRZ Concept as a Hybrid. Despite the public backlash Honda stuck to their concept and launched the first production model CRZ in 2010. What the CRZ had was a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine which worked hand in hand with a hybrid-electric system called Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). The IMA system contributes 10hp and 30Nm to its fuel burning partner’s 111hp and 144Nm. This marriage meant that the CRZ had an acceptable amount of go juice while returning lovely fuel consumption figures.

But we aren’t looking for fuel efficiency here, are we? All we care about is power and performance. What the CRZ lacked in grunt, it made up in chassis excellence. The CRZ became an affordable option for speed freaks who fancied going around a bend as fast as possible rather than watching the speedo climb.

In fact, the CRZ was a striking resemblance of the CRX in terms of a low slung sports hatchback with a mediocre engine but outstanding handling. The world of tuners saw this as an opportunity and aftermarket parts began flooding the market. Here’s where our feature car makes a case for itself.

Addressing the matter of power is a billet fin upgraded TD04L turbo bolted on to the wheezy engine. Complete with the full bells and whistles package for hardware, the little sports car now pulls just over 200bhp and 253Nm on the dyno thanks to Unichip Q+ piggyback, injector module, Turbo module, and Throttle module. You can check out the full spec sheet at the bottom for thorough details. The surprising thing here is that the stock CVT gearbox is still tasked to handle the 70+ hp upgrade.

Thankfully the braking system was upgraded. It now stops on a dime courtesy of VTTR 6-pot big brake kit with Endless pads clamping down on 300mm rotors. Complementing the enlarged brakes is the Marquis Promada Evo Regamaster 17″ rims. Unlike the common trend of TE37s or RPF1s, these are a tasteful change from the norm. The ready nimble CRZ is treated to HKS Hypermax III hi-lo soft-hard adjustables to allow extreme handling tuning.

The owner has to be congratulated for not overdoing the exterior and keeping the mods functional. A custom Carbon Monster by CarboneticArt adorned the rear end while a vented Seibon carbon fiber hood contrasts the front end.

Exterior simplicity spills into the cabin as well since the only noticeable mods is the Bride Illest Low Max full bucket seat, a boost controller and meter. Thats about it. You could even call it a sleeper for looking “lightly modded”. The only shouty aspect to this Hybrid is the Secret Flow complete exhaust system by Ben Soon. For a hybrid, it certainly announces itself.


Car: Honda CRZ

Engine: 1.5 liter LEA hybrid

Engine Mods : Bolt on Turbo, Turbo kit with aluminum piping, TDO4L turbo (upgrade to billet fin), ARC big intercooler (original), Tial wastegate, HKS SQV blow off, FD2R 310cc fuel injector, AEP hi flow fuel pump, GE8 intake, GE8 complete set cam shaft, Works oil cooler, Arospeed lightweight crank, Mugen radiator cap 1.3 bar, Exhaust Secret Flow by Ben Soon

Transmission: CVT

Electronics: Unichip Q+, Unichip injector module, Unichip Turbo Module, Unichip Throttle Module

Suspension/Chassis: HKS Hypermax lll hi-lo soft-hard adjustable

Brakes: VTTR BBK 6-pot with 300mm rotor with Endless pads

Wheels & tyres: Marquis Promada Evo Regamaster, 17 x 8jj offset 35 rear, 17 x 9jj offset 28 front, Nexen N Fera SUR4 tyres

Interior: Blitz SBCiD boost controller + boost meter, Bride Illest Low Max full bucket seat with Miki railing super low

Exterior: Carbon Monster spoiler custom by CarboneticArt, Mugen carbon fiber wrapped side mirror, Seibon carbon fiber hood

Tuner/garage:  Viswork

Max output: Tune by Viswork (0.6bar) 206bhp, 253Nm