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// Hot Rides

Hips That Don’t Lie

Honda’s glory years saw the wet dreams of many petrolheads blessed with the likes of the NSX, Civic Type-R EK and the S2000. There was ...
// February 26, 2019

Sting Of The Hornet

Bees only sting once and are good for nature whilst hornets are the real rascals, stinging multiple times and scaring the living crap out of ...
// February 25, 2019

Super Lightweight Star

The classic car scene has always been perceived as something of an enigma by most if not all tuning car enthusiasts. They’re looked upon as ...
// February 22, 2019

Type R Hot Shot

12 months ago, the people with the Power of Dreams gave us this, the 5th Generation Honda Civic to carry the holy Type R badge, ...
// February 21, 2019


The perpetually active local motor racing scene has stagnated, they say. And ‘they’ reasoned, being the hub of said scene, the impending absence of that ...
// February 18, 2019

Wild and Untamed Baby Bull

The timeless coexistence of heart-achingly beautiful form seamlessly coalescing with state-of-the-art performance-primed function; the (rest of the) world remained ever more so in awe of ...
// January 30, 2019