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Swift Like A Samurai

Like a Samurai’s blade, this Swift cuts through the track at unfathomable speeds thanks to proper engineering and precise driver skills. Ahh, Suzuki. A moment ...
// October 15, 2019

Sweet Lady Liberty

This one of those ‘could never get enough’ instances yeah? I mean you could put like a hundred modded R35 and it’d still would not ...
// October 14, 2019

Raging Rocco

Do you have any idea how tough it is to stand out as a Volkswagen owner these days? From TSIs to Rs, they flood the ...
// August 15, 2019


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Why wrap one of the most powerful hot hatches on the planet that could the asphalt off the road in rust-printed vinyl? Why not right? ...
// June 4, 2019

Wankle For Days

Some say that the 90’s was the decade that ended the golden age of cars. It was half a century’s worth of automotive engineering that ...
// May 30, 2019